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  1. That kinda bidding/money and it has an unfinished engine compartment and used looking floor mats to boot..not to mention sun baked interior/ unmatched plastic. I smell shill bidding......... Why For 17,000. I'd sell them my immaculate 04 GT Premium with just 11,000mi on the clock! ( yes, it is for sale)
  2. Mods..if this is in the wrong place I apologize and please move accordingly. You ever want to redo those little numbers on a gauge, knobs or switches? I had this laying around from my model days as I wanted to make custom decals. Never even used it. Everythings still sealed. It's a decal system that prints assorted color foils to make the decal..and here's the kicker. It prints white! Now many of you know if you try to print with your home printer this will not work. Using this system, possibilities are endless. below is a pic of what one guy did to a homemade guitar pedal a
  3. Just to make everyone feel alittle safer, I am an LLC, and there will be all of the same terms on my auction site as ebay for protection for the buyer, and the seller, as well as myself. There will be a end user license agreement just like ebay -and boilerplate seller contract just like ebay. Of course there will be feedback and rebuttal. Again this is a ebay "clone" if you will, but is however a site built with the integrity of most people being honest hot rodders out there. And yes there will be a bad apple here and there...but you also take that risk everywhere else. I have set up account
  4. I know Steven, and you hit it right on the head. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle with all the software, the hosting..the legalities of it all. But I'm determined to make a site for all us car guys.. We need to have a site with just a flat rate fee base for this hobby. We all work a 40 hr week and have to balance time with families as well as the checkbook. The last time I looked, due to the economy, our hobby is on the back burner. How many of you go out in the garage and think .."someday". I want to see those dreams realized for all of us. I still have such great memories of my pop
  5. I've been a member here for awhile now and have always heard the frustration about it and I've even delt with it firsthand. So, I jumped in with both feet. I bought my domain names and had some software developed, waiting on new pc to arrive. Still finishing legal mumbo-jumbo and hosting and other little stuff like that.. This was also born out of frustration of trying to restore various cars over the years, I got tired of craigslist and chasing all the dead end posts or hearing from scamer's that were out of the country right now. As far as ebay is concerned, aren't you tired of payin
  6. :D if you guys like the article rep me!!!!
  7. When the chemicals are applied in the proper order, the process happens overnight is what it said when working on small areas. He wanted to be thorough and document all steps with photos, so I think it may have been over a weekend. But at the end of the weekend, the floor and engine bay were in primer and ready for paint. Here's the floorpans.....
  8. Ok fella's, here's one we all need to throw our ideas to. Maybe even make it a sticky. Got a better way to remove something? Got a home-made tool to get the job done easier? Forgot how to do those "simple things" you were taught in shop class? You saw something on another forum that would work for our cars? Let's bring some things to our board! Here's one I saw elsewhere.. Overnight rust/paint removal. It can be done with great results! If your grinding, wire wheeling, scraping and sanding to remove rust then your wasting your time, especially with a car that has a lot of r
  9. I don't have any panels but I think there are only a few pieces out there in the market right now. Seems the 65-70's get the lion's share. However, since you are a fiberglass repairer, you should post up seem tips or pointers for us. I for one would like to speak to you on the Sportster concept I'm working on...check my post.
  10. Welcome brother! I imagine with 408 and two turbo's you'll pullin the same G's as the space shuttle... We need some pics hoss........
  11. I thought you had a choice of the black or silver rocker panel?(depending upon color)
  12. LOL!!! I can see Rocket now behind two turntables and a microphone...;) Big hat, with cheesy raps to the ladies while calling everyone to the floor! Go get it big dog!!!:D
  13. First off.. My brother-in law lives in Pitts...Primanti Bros Rule!!! Second.. Thanks for being in the service, we all salute you! No. 3.... Glad to have you on board brother!!!
  14. Hang in there brother. Time and patience...and it'll all payoff. Think of the long term...
  15. Yeah..caught it on ebay. A 68 Mustang "Boss" as it was labeled. I'm a different blade of grass and usually go to the beat of a different drummer. I thought it was a really cool change from the ho-hum mundane stuff that crowds the shows these days. Dont get me wrong here, I love all those original 40,000 mile orig paint yadda yadda mustangs, but to stand out from a crowd..it's takes b@lls. Thats why restomod and builders like Foose are popular. Gets back to the roots of car crafting. Build what YOU think rocks!

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