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  1. 7 hours ago, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

    I get my paint from NPD and for hard ABS plastic i use the lacquer. You do need to give really good scrubbing with dawn dish washing and hot water then lacquer thinner. When you start spraying if you get fish eyes stop and clean more. two light even coats so you don't fill up the texture. I did these recently and the color match was perfect for the ginger I was doing.
    On finding door panels keep an eye out for crashed mustangs on the insurance yards. I got perfect Ginger interior that way.
    Part of that panel that is behind the seat was not sprayed and you can see matches perfect.
    There is a place in California I think that will rebuild door panels and dashes forget their name. Very expensive.





    Beautiful work, thank you for the info Sir!

  2. 16 hours ago, 73FastBk said:

    You can pay someone to vinyl wrap them. What I did was sand the area down for prep and added a few layers of  Jb Weld and then sand it until it’s smooth. Then ordered paint from cjpony that matched and painted it. Looks good as new imo. 


    Thanks for this, I think I can handle that repair.  This is just a straight JB Weld Epoxy that you're applying?

  3. Hey Y’all,

    Is there any way to repair the vinyl on the door panels?  It’s cracked and as we know, tough to find anything original.  One is pretty badly damaged while the other isn’t too bad.

    Secondly, as you can see I have a black interior quarter panel while the car is actually a medium blue interior.  Any recommendations for painting?  I’ve used the AccuMatch interior spray paint on a few smaller items to freshen them up (seat hinge covers, etc) but that maybe doesn’t seem the way to go on something sizable?

    Very much out of my league on the interior....











  4. Hoping the experts here can help me with a rear seat belt question. There are no rear seat belts presently and I have 3 women who want to ride at the same time!


    Anyways, I have a 72 Convertible and the deluxe interior and I swear I saw somewhere that matters. It looks to me like these would just be the normal 2 point lap belts? I’m looking for the complete sets for both seats in the back. I don’t even care if they’re repro at this point, just want to verify that I’m on the right track before I waste time & money.


    Looking to get this trim panel off and get it medium blue to match the rest and 88d4645c5546cde5f6c87dafb5b5fc80.jpgget the seat belts in.


    Thanks y’all.





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  5. I recently bought a set of firestone wide ovals for my 73 vert. They look very much like the original bias ply firestones that came on these cars back then, but you get all the benefit of radials. If you not looking for originalit then there are less expensive tire options. Coker tire and universal tire in hershey PA have a good selection on their website.




    upload temporary image


    They look great with the hubs, which is what my recent purchase was equipped with when it left production.  Thank you for the links to Universal, I've been to Coker's website but I'll take any advice I can get.

  6. Hello from Mississippi. A "Q" code convertible sure is a nice car to start your day with! Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply, Mike @ Motor City Mustang, and fellow forum member Rackerm have E-Bay stores or can be contacted here for new and "Gently" used parts. David (Carolina_Mountain_Mustang) also restores and sells consoles much cheaper than the nice but very expensive new ones.

    The wheels on your car are the Turbine style as used on 77-79 LTD II's, Thunderbird's, and Cougar's. There was a 14" version used on Granada/Mercury Monarch line. Red center caps were on the non T-Bird versions. There was another version used on the 80's Crown Vic's, Mercury and Lincolns with the center cap covering the lug nuts.

    The black rear tail light panel, wheel opening and rocker panel moldings were standard equipment on your vert. The ram air style hood was standard on all 351CJ's (Q Code) regardless of body style for 72 only. Because of production schedules, variances and "Burps" on the production line, some may have not received the proper Mach 1 style hood. 

    Like David has posted, Black and white were the only two colors Ford offered for the tops.

    Never hesitate to ask if you have any questions, as there are many very knowledgeable folks here who are more than happy to help you any way they can.

    Welcome to your new Mustang home!!



    Thank you for the reply/information Sir. I’ve already found these vendors and bookmarked them.


    Fair to assume the picture you posted of the wheel was the standard production line wheel? As I mentioned in a previous reply, I got the original invoice from Ford to the Dealer from Marti and the car was ordered with “Raised White Letter” Tires and Trim Rings/Hub Cabs. I’d have thought you’d go with mag wheels with non whitewall tires, but curious what you think.



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  7. Welcome to the forum from North Carolina.

    You did not say if your car was automatic or 4 speed. Both are pretty rare I am sure you noticed on the Marti.

    You can find the AM / 8 Tracks on ebay quite often usually under $100. You have to watch them they lie about what they came from. I got a couple and they actually worked. I have consoles that I rebuild or will sell as is for you to build. You can get new consoles but cost from over $600 to over $900.

    Some of the guys here will set me straight if I am incorrect. I do not think the convertible got the black panel in the rear unless it had Decor Group trim that gave you the back pane, trim down the sides and Mach 1 style grill.

    You have rocker molding which was not on Decor Group.

    In 1972 you got the NASA hood when you got the Q code. Looks like I see the bump up for yours but cannot tell for sure. They came without hood locks and black out that was an additional option.

    I have a 72 Q code CJ automatic vert that I am doing this winter, Gold Glow.

    BTW there were only black or white tops and I doubt that yours is Ford. Check the glass to see who made it. Most repo tops will have a tag on the drivers side if you unzip the window sewn in on the side and hidden when zipped up.

    I just parted out a one owner 72 vert so let me know parts you need. I am using the interior and exhaust on my build this winter.







    Thank you for the reply and information Sir. This one is the automatic and as you say, was rare and quite honestly was one of the deciding factors in taking the plunge. Only 330 made, supposedly. I spent the extra $50 and ordered the original Ford Invoice from Marti and received it. The car was a custom order and that Rocker and Wheel molding was an add on. As I get the time, I’ll post the invoice and other pictures, definitely going to lean on you guys for advice.


    I’d love to talk about getting one of your rebuilt consoles and will PM you or my username is my email, obviously.



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  8. Welcome from Phoenix. Here's my convertible:



    You should post up the parts you want in a 'parts wanted' thread. Things like the 8-track are not available. Some stuff, like the Console, some misc screws, knobs etc are available from a couple of the vendors. My go to place is Ohio Mustang but the other vendors are also good.


    The wheels are not original. We would need a few closer pictures of the top to perhaps help determine if it is possible that it is original. At 45 years old I kinda doubt it but anything is possible.


    You will like this site. A lot of friendly people and information. Enjoy that beautiful Mustang!



    Beautiful car, I now have something to strive towards!! Greatly appreciate the advice.


    Question on your paint....looks like the same 3B, #3429-A paint as mine. The one picture i posted was definitely the best profile, there’s a couple of nice scratches in the drivers side door and a few thumbnail sized rust spots. Did you have any trouble matching the paint, if you have had yours painted?



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  9. Hey guys,


    I've owned this beauty for about a month now.  '72 Convertible with the 351-4V Cobra Jet.  Sounds cliche, but this car was housed inside for 18 years and brought out to be restored where the owner promptly passed away just after he began the process.  Still has a 1996 registration sticker on the windshield, the last time it was on the road.  Long story short, I got my hands on it and had it reassembled.  It runs and is in great shape, currently having the Carb rebuilt and a new gas tank installed.  


    Motor and exterior are quite nice but she's missing some interior components, so I'm wondering if y'all couldn't help me with some parts websites?  I got a Marti report to see what it was equipped with when it came off the factory floor and she's missing the AM/8 Track Stereo, the Console, some misc screws, knobs etc.   Also, the convertible top only goes halfway and it needs a new piston.....  


    Also, what do you think of the wheels and top?  Any chance they're original?  Was told the top was but who knows.....any advice and comments would be appreciated.


    Thanks so much, I've loved looking at everyone else's pictures.....  




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