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  1. From 13:28 min on you will see a good explanation over the mentioned products and how vice grips are also a good alternative
  2. Wow, what a good looking engine! Is it especially sealed for sea or water purposes?
  3. B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! I remind reading your resto-thread about this truck elsewhere... Love that truck, your landscape and the puppy
  4. I think these come also close to some old harnesses I have seen and are the more vintage equivalent: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-feet-1-2-I-D-ASPHALT-CLOTH-WIRE-LOOM-ORIGINAL-RESTORATION-CONDUIT-VINTAGE/183013559435?hash=item2a9c754c8b:g:ytAAAOSwaaJeiKAZ But yes, you will have to detach the plugs, bulbs etc....
  5. Thank you for these informations I didn't know before - one more lesson learned That would also explain why my car originally was ordered without a radio package (no remark in the Marti report), exported to Germany (it's one of 22 T5's in '73 as Mach 1, 351C 4V and 4-speed) and there got an antenna in the usual location, but with a round foot insteat of the square antenna foot, otherwise this antenna looks the same as the usual '73ies. Additionally they cut the usual holes in the quarter panels, in the front near the front seats. As this car is a T5, I think they delivered them without a
  6. Nice truck you have! I always had a soft spot for trucks and especially for these! A 390 FE with 3 on the tree is the perfect combination! I had this one for a few years... A 1970 F250 Long Bed with 360 FE and C6 in original paint Reef Aqua. Had much done on this truck to be a reliable driver and enjoyed to drive it with my kids. Sadly it had to go last autumn...
  7. from Germany! A really cool car you have
  8. It is yellow/gold zinc dichromate you have to look for, like these https://missourimustang.com/1971-73-fender-bolts-dichromate/ Hope, that helps!
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