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  1. Great thread, awesome work, Kevin! Followed you through the thread, it's a fantastic result. One more happy owner of a Mustang. Hope you collected some serious dime for your next project - Resurrectang 2.0.
  2. Nice result, as it have to be - congratulations and welcome to the TuTone-club
  3. It would not be my style but if you want to go that route: Get rid of all rust or rusty patches, protect it all with some rust remover, protection etc. If there is another layer of structural sound metal under it give it also some protection. Then use something like a Cold Tin from MIPA, it is like special bondo with metal, some sort of epoxy, and give it the form you like. Then check the outside. There have to be no rust between metal and bondo, otherwise it will crack once fed with wet and then fall apart. If I had to choose I would rather patch sheet metal in but it's your car...
  4. They are cork originally and can be ordered through West Coast Cougar Classics relatively cheap
  5. Fabrice, brilliant documentation as always! For your parts search: the brake line or fuel line fasteners I bought from Don, the kit has them all, even the one with the special clip that will be put under the driver's feet https://www.ebay.de/itm/71-73-MUSTANG-BRAKE-AND-FUEL-LINE-FASTENER-KIT-V8-WITH-DISC-BRAKES/362183954266?pageci=35480bdc-0122-4b10-88bb-7c521ef0ba0f&redirect=mobile For the headlight parts search for 'headlight adjustment kit 1971 Mustang' or 'headlight mounting kit 1971 Mustang' and have a look if you see what you need, then give a recall
  6. That looks really nice! Congrats to your first attempt
  7. They are mounted in the center of the car, buttonside up.
  8. Wow, awesome and detailed work as always, Fabrice. Enjoyed reading by breakfast....
  9. Ford was trying different label makers for the model year 1973 and one company used white and the other used blue tags. Marti Auto works collected enough samples to have a good idea of the dates certain tag colors were used so they could help. Mine is 04/73 and had a blue one originally...
  10. Me too! Let's finish our work and drive 'em next year!
  11. I am up to 7 years now... still hoping, NOT to reach 11 years. But yours looks really good and I enjoy the updates. Nice engine, hope it does well and will produce good numbers! It looks like if! Nice valve covers...
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