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  1. That's right, and they have their Trans AM history, too! In our region there is one which has the '71 Penske/Donahue-Racing-Trim. That car stands out of the crowd, for sure
  2. Wow, congratulations to the AMX! That's the right one, I have a sweet spot for them, once was very interested in them. They have a similar appearance than our 71-73 cars. Take care of it, it's well worth it! It doesn't hurt to make some motivation out of it - have fun
  3. Detailed nice It's also the small projects - better these done than nothing!
  4. Although not the best news it sounds good your mechanic will cooperate and replace the failing parts. You had blessing in disguise, though, it seems...
  5. Wow, some big steps forward - looks great! I am looking forward to your progress
  6. An evil twin - that's cool! Well optioned car you have
  7. The above said nevertheless explains the ticking from the heads. As said ticking from theads is normally by the lifters. If yoou have solid one it is a kind of normal (not excessive) and by hydraulic lifters it should be mostly gone when full oil pressure is there by driving it a few miles. But one question first: did you changed the lifters or pushrods? It is not uncommon that they could fail from new on or by a false running-in procedure... Pushrods have the correct lenght, oil channels free? Correct rockers, correct valve lash and rocker geometry to pushrod/valve tip? Also an inadequate oil pressure could be the problem. On the first glance I see no correlation to ticking from the heads and the distributor...
  8. Sweet - I need that body, too - for my 4 month old
  9. Same here Have all the new fuel and brake hard lines installed now with the screws, ordered the whole hardware package from Don Ohio Mustang, the clip was included. Will do the clip the next days, too, and take a photo. But must close 2 holes first, they are from somewhat unknown in the past, under the fuel line. The way I described the installation is how it was as I removed the original clip from my car, the new ones are the same.
  10. That's the correct fuel line clip on the driver side fuel line. It mounts in the height of the driver seat where the driver's feet goes down, on the rocker. You mount it on the fuel line, the clip to the hole in the rocker, which is there. Then you push it upwards into the hole with some pliers without pushing the clip jaws togehter. When you have the clip fully in, then push the clip's jaws togehter and the clip will hold on its own it it's position. The purpose of this clip is that there is no screw tip pointing towards the driver's feet through the floor or carpet. All other clips are with a screw because the do not point into any direction where a passenger sits.
  11. +1 to Rockauto! Here is a discount-code: 17514012389251643
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