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  1. Here is the color spectrum which was on the pump before it get restored by me: Dark blue, middle blue, light blue, black and rusty red - I didn't knew which one was original although I knew most of it was overspay from engine "make up" over the years
  2. I find mine a good fit to the originals! You can't beat the originals but who want cracked old ones?!? Here is mine in the context of the complete interior Side by Side On the car Old ones backside where you can see the perforated spots
  3. Brett, that looks cool. Hope you have all parts together soon! Here, I found a small consolation plaster for you: Think of that moment you (especially and not forgotten your wife) will it see that way and it will drive you through that difficulties. Don't ask, how I know... All the best and keep us up to date
  4. Chris, I can't help with "the right" color other than that I have only seen black ones on the '73 including mine but who knows when they were changed, overhauled, paint oversprayed/restored et cetera... But, what I can say: yours looks fantastic! Like it was meant to be there that way. Perhaps this color combination was more on the early cars and this pump is from an earlier car but who cares if you don't go the strict concourse route. It's your car, you like it and it looks perfect - win win win
  5. Mmmmh... I have my old ones which I will change to some unmolested newer ones. The old ones are structurally ok, somebody have cut some holes on the front for the bumper mounts in length otherwise sound. But they are heaaaaavy... Perhaps we can keep in touch
  6. I used also such wiring harness as Hemikiller stated for my Mustang and for my Ford Truck - simply plug and play. You only need one two relays and you could fabricate one harnes easily by yourself
  7. Wow, that is a cool find! Those were the times... The looks of the 80ies. Mine was also a bit chopped up as I got it
  8. Wohoo, that rust has eaten up some iron from Germany and good endurance for your project. But it looks like you are not one of the chicken-hearted! I will looking forward to your progress! Awesome Camaro you have. This generation was one of my favorites for a muscle car once. Then came the Mustang The bumper mounts and b-pillars are not reproduced. But as Kevin said we have some folks in there who have some parts cars... But when you have to do all this work I would considering if you don't go the 71/72 route front wise. It depends on your front bumper and its condition. Th
  9. + 1 to the above said! I never had problems with the control arms hanging around but I will now change the complete front suspension and will take care of it. That means cutting some wood blocks too
  10. from Germany! I am sorry for your loss! Your father would be proud you follow up the project! Your car looks like a great foundation for an excellent driver. Make some progress so you can drive it soon. Are you sure it's a Mach 1? From the looks of it (grille, rear, chrome side mirrors) it could be also a Standard Sportsroof... We are ready to help you whatever it is around your car
  11. David, that is one cool machine you got! I did not even know that you could pre-cut rotors or brake shoes with such machines. It looks very good now - hope you find the missing piece or could fabric them! Great find
  12. Thank you, that looks really good! I will it do your way too - new springs, shocks (you have also KYB, right?), control arms, perches, hardware etc. is ready. I have only to look after my specific colors on the springs in my book - could have been different. Did you leave the control arms black? I am not sure if I should let them black too or give the upper a pure steel finish and the lower a half way black as it was originally on our cars...
  13. 15W-40 in all my old cars. It is the best of both worlds between 10W-30 and 10W-40 in my opinion and the best fitting for our changing climate you and me have in Middle Europe. 20W-50 is too heavy in my opinion and only for engines which are totally worn out and only hot summer conditions. When I see how slow moving it is and then have the looong oil channels of the Cleveland in mind... no. I used it once and had the feeling, it was not that good. If you have a rebuilt engine I do not want to use anyway. I use this regularly: https://www.rektol-klassik.de/de/REKTOL-SE-15W-40-
  14. Brendan, you can look at the bottom of page 8 of my restoration thread:
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