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  1. Nice work as always, Fabrice. We only have to hope for good weather now! It's pooring rain since two months now... And it's still cold. I hate it! We have midth of May!
  2. Kevin, I missed that thread, looked through and was almost disgusted about that welds... holy moly! That sounds like there could be more work for you on the front end... But it is a cool project. We do not see them often here. Apropos: besides your great work for others, what's the current state with your Mach 1? I heard about your disaster late and am very sorry for you this had happened! At least you stayed healty... But for now, how are you and what's going on with your car?
  3. Hmm, I looked at the pictures again... Could it be that the cotter pin perhaps touches anything under the column so that the pedal do not retract fully towards the drivers seat?
  4. I do not want to blame anybody I do not know personally but if that's the only thing you have changed and all other measurements are totally right I would say it's Scott Drake
  5. Update: My friend Oliver has built a Distributor Test Machine and had my current dizzy in to determine the best advance curve to my engine. He came to the following curve and that the theoretical best initial timing will be at 12 degrees before TDC, so 37 at total advance by 4.000 rpm. So that's the numbers to start with and when the engine will be driven in I could see on at least two dyno runs if that's the optimum NICE And cudos to Oliver
  6. Here is a little update, enjoyed family life a bit more over Happy Fathers Day Painted the new after market rear springs towards a more factory finish. Will do the paint daub these days on them. According to my research in my '73 Q-code with a manual trans without A/C they would have had ONE single stripe in Gold at the back. So I bought some paint at the hardware store... Afterwards I applied one more coat to the rear axle. It was not perfect to my eyes and too much fuzzies in the paint. Light sanding and a good coat of semi black - now it is
  7. Manu, nice to hear from you again The only two things I could imagine that the upper angle point of the brake pedal is at a different position and/or the brake booster rod isn't fully retracted backwards. Did you have a check on the proper function of the booster?
  8. Welcome from Germany as a '73 Q-code owner
  9. That's how I did for my fathers vert. He complained about that his trunk lid wouldn't stay open with the dealer added spoiler and it even knocked his head several times by falling from above. So I went to WCCC and bought the cougar trunk springs from 71-73. Fitted just right and my fathers head is now safe!
  10. One more lesson learned - thanks for confirming this, David!
  11. Shortly said: you could let the original dual point system dizzy in the box for originality purposes and stay with the single point dizzy with the Pertronix I you have in your car. My car was also a dual point dizzy car but that's how it is on my car, too. You would have no advantage to change it to the dual point other than that it is more original looking but then more service needed in future.
  12. Yeah, up to final stageLooking good with sharp lines. That car will be beautiful 32 weeks until birth isn't that bad Look for reaching end of 34. week, then you are completely safe without any headache and could await birth easily... I wish you all the best, our prayers are still with you!
  13. That's interesting! No Mach 1 got them from the factory? I had them with my car but give em away to my fathers convertible which had it orignally but missing. I ever wondered about if my Mustang had them from the factory as a part of a decor group and looked out for a good set to put them on some time. Thought that it had the holes in the fender wells only from the factory when ordered with the wheel well moldings. But now you have cleared that mystery - thank you
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