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  1. That's one tough and good looking driveshaft safety cage - well done :bravo:
  2. Wow, you can eat from that engine bay! Thank you for the photos. What a beautiful car! Well done concerning the overall view. Too bad they got the engine not right from the start! It will be a bummer to unbolt all that beautiful engine compartment again...
  3. I found an original ginger console all complete five years ago on Epay for about 300 Dollars. It was and is without cracks, complete, has a light paint refresh and a still working original clock. Shipping and customs to Germany made it almost a 500 Dollar piece but it was well worth it ::thumb::
  4. Geoff, I think your idea applies how it really was ::thumb:: There is no consistency of the thing with the caps. There were both 2-bolt and 4-bolt on the same kind of blocks, here is a good example of this in this thread: [/url] https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-vin-engine-casting-no-casting-day-confusion-pls-comment
  5. It's a very interesting book. As Don say in his reply, lots of confusion. On the 72 Q code I owned it only had a single point distributor, but then again and I only found this out for sure 3 or 4 years back, the block was a Boss, so anything could and probably was changed by the PO. Personally, I thought it was only R code motors that got dual point Dizzy's ( R code 71 Boss 351C and 72 HO) I did find a dual point Windsor distributor at a swap meet earlier this year, so yes they could have been on 72 CJ's, anything is possible where Ford are concerned. Geoff. To top this, my
  6. I can also provide several names of good divorce lawyers as well. Ummh... I know few of them already... But thanks, Randy - you never know...
  7. No problem. Be more than glad to baby sit for you. Just send two round trip air from Cincinnati to me and leave the keys for the stang. :D :D Ok - but you have to tell the cops why in the world you have renounced of all safety features of the car... But it's driveable ;)
  8. Never seen one before... Nice color - reminds me of my 1970 F250 in "Reef Aqua"... There has been also a "Fastback" version of these cars:
  9. ::welcome:: from Germany
  10. I found a wiring harness surprisingly 'local' - it is exactly as the one which Richard showed ::thumb::
  11. Sunday is wedding anniversary - hope to get the wife into the cinema... She do not know exactly what about the film is :D Could one of you babysitting our three kids, please?
  12. Scott, yes - me lollerz Here is my thread: https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-power-steering-pump-how-to-restore-tutorial Others have done that too - it is absolutely doable!
  13. ::welcome:: from Germany! Nice looking vert! If I were you I would not put any stripes on it - the car looks fantastic as it is ::thumb::
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