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  1. Mmmmh... I have my old ones which I will change to some unmolested newer ones. The old ones are structurally ok, somebody have cut some holes on the front for the bumper mounts in length otherwise sound. But they are heaaaaavy... Perhaps we can keep in touch
  2. I used also such wiring harness as Hemikiller stated for my Mustang and for my Ford Truck - simply plug and play. You only need one two relays and you could fabricate one harnes easily by yourself
  3. Wow, that is a cool find! Those were the times... The looks of the 80ies. Mine was also a bit chopped up as I got it
  4. Wohoo, that rust has eaten up some iron from Germany and good endurance for your project. But it looks like you are not one of the chicken-hearted! I will looking forward to your progress! Awesome Camaro you have. This generation was one of my favorites for a muscle car once. Then came the Mustang The bumper mounts and b-pillars are not reproduced. But as Kevin said we have some folks in there who have some parts cars... But when you have to do all this work I would considering if you don't go the 71/72 route front wise. It depends on your front bumper and its condition. Th
  5. + 1 to the above said! I never had problems with the control arms hanging around but I will now change the complete front suspension and will take care of it. That means cutting some wood blocks too
  6. from Germany! I am sorry for your loss! Your father would be proud you follow up the project! Your car looks like a great foundation for an excellent driver. Make some progress so you can drive it soon. Are you sure it's a Mach 1? From the looks of it (grille, rear, chrome side mirrors) it could be also a Standard Sportsroof... We are ready to help you whatever it is around your car
  7. David, that is one cool machine you got! I did not even know that you could pre-cut rotors or brake shoes with such machines. It looks very good now - hope you find the missing piece or could fabric them! Great find
  8. Thank you, that looks really good! I will it do your way too - new springs, shocks (you have also KYB, right?), control arms, perches, hardware etc. is ready. I have only to look after my specific colors on the springs in my book - could have been different. Did you leave the control arms black? I am not sure if I should let them black too or give the upper a pure steel finish and the lower a half way black as it was originally on our cars...
  9. 15W-40 in all my old cars. It is the best of both worlds between 10W-30 and 10W-40 in my opinion and the best fitting for our changing climate you and me have in Middle Europe. 20W-50 is too heavy in my opinion and only for engines which are totally worn out and only hot summer conditions. When I see how slow moving it is and then have the looong oil channels of the Cleveland in mind... no. I used it once and had the feeling, it was not that good. If you have a rebuilt engine I do not want to use anyway. I use this regularly: https://www.rektol-klassik.de/de/REKTOL-SE-15W-40-
  10. Brendan, you can look at the bottom of page 8 of my restoration thread:
  11. Here, my example, freshly painted, without cutt and buff, 1 layer primer, 2 layers base, 2 layers clear, all in one noon:
  12. Brett, really?!? For that price and if there were no major body repairs included the finish or cut and buff some said MUST have been included! That's not a 5.000 Dollar-job! You gave him 19.000 !!! That's a whole lot money and for that price you shoud get a good, even finish. He laid down 3 layers of clear and screwed that up that way?!? My painter laid down 2 layers of clear and it is almost even like glass. Without any cut and buff! Man, that is way too much paint for this outcome. 80 hours labor for cut and buff?!? What will he do in that time?!? That's a whole week including saturday
  13. Wow, that is some really awesome work - it looks fantastic and detailed very good. Congratz to your your actual state! You are right - assembling now is the fun part - I am at too
  14. What's with the right rear wheel? Anyway - the price is... Galucha, that could be your evil twin...
  15. Ok, handling with a painter is always a sensitive thing. Don't ask me how I know... I would not go in with a sledge hammer conversation wise in this stadium. Although you could explode like a steam cooking pot try to handle with care! First try to explain in a friendly manner what are your concerns and overthink before you speak what you have to speak. All in all the finish in the paint job doesn't look too bad but it needs a good finish job! And there are always some spots which could be better and which were forgotten or showed the first time after paint. I think this is what every guy
  16. Brett, first, congratulations to your finished paint job. It is always an overwhelming feeling when it's done and you see it the first time. And I can understand your feelings watching it the second time. You want it good and you paid for it. From the one picture of the rear quarter I must say that is too much orange peel and if the whole car looks like this... that's not a result of a good, experienced professionell painter. What Kilgon said about ist absolutely correct. What your paint guy said is BS. It isn't a factor of money If your clear coat have to look good although higher quali
  17. Geoff, have I seen right, there are three different paint color daubs on each front spring from yours? Pink, yellow and White? And the white ones are on the opposite?
  18. I bought a pair in ginger (a very difficult color concerning original appearance...) from Don of Ohio Mustang Supply 6 years ago and they were an almost perfect fit in form, function and the most critical point, appearance. They are almost identical to the original ones concerning grain, color and overall appearance. Most other (as the ones pictured from Mustang Market) look like a skinned giraffe. But I don't know what manufacturer they are. So please contact him, you could say, that Tim from Germany bought some ginger ones six years ago and was very pleased with them, if he still know what b
  19. It is David in 1973 waiting for delivery of his 1973 Mustang after he paid full bill! Girl is not amused about... His Maverick parks behind the right corner. Front right is his tank of molasses for derusting parts, left of him his rifle. Who else could that be, man!?!?!
  20. That's interesting to know - never heard about it before
  21. Wow, that looks awesome! I know that feeling...
  22. Wow... Too bad! I always had a soft spot onto these too. But that's life - sometimes you had to make your decisions when life and cars don't fit together at that time... Don't ask how I know! Fortunately you kept the two cars in the back
  23. I used the Remflex too on my 1970 F250 with a 360 FE. Expensive but worth it! But be careful - they broke easily if you bend them by accident. Don't ask how I know... I used them on the original heads and the original exhaust manifolds I overhauled. I cleaned and flattened the gasket sides of the manifolds and I was not sure about if they are totally flat although they seemed so. Therefore I used the Remflex gaskets and all leaks were gone.
  24. And: as other mentioned, if you don't want to race that car regularly buy quality suspension parts! That's enough and you will wonder how good this car will handle and that will safe you some extra cost. I use Moog, Proforged and NOS, nothing else.
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