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  1. WOW, HAVE NOT BEEN TO THIS FOURM IN YEARS. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER! Mine is a 1FO5J194545 429 ram air c6 auto car. found in 1982 with 27,000 miles on it LT pewter with ginger guts car was driven up from ( WITH 3.91 GEAR) fla and left at a guys house. On the way up guy stoped at a ford dealer ,car was running hot! They installed a new D0OE-R head. 4 years later I was able to buy the car. FUNNY part is I was driving my 71 mach1 429 when I found it. -Rich
  2. yup, great color. Im selling my 71 j code, car is way apart. 15,000. or trade for mach1,or? 99% there, 1FO5J FACTORY IS LT PEWTER c6 auto ram air. with lots of parts thanks-Rich BOSSFORDPARTS@AOL.COM
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