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    1973 Mustang Convertible. Previous owner(s) have done cosmetic and other conversions to make it look like a Mach 1, including the Ram Air Hood, Mach 1 graphics and a rebuilt 351C 2V V8 Engine (though it shipped with a 351 2V). Interior has been updated from cream to Blue, and the Top updated from White to Black.

    She's pretty, but still needs some work.


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    Southern California
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  1. I own a 1973 Mustang Convertible with a 351C V8 2V, aspirated by an Edelbrock 4 barrel and a fairly typical 13" air cleaner. As I'm not a wrencher and I'm brand new to this, I don't always notice the things missing, particularly under the hood. This weekend I was over at my aunt's house and she has a '73 convertible as well. Looking under the hood, I noticed 2 stiffeners that connect to the top of the shock towers and then back toward the centerline above the firewall. I looked in my '73 and sure enough I can see the brackets where they mount, but no stiffeners are present. So my questions are: Are they actually called "Stiffeners" or are they called something else? Anybody make drop in after-market versions I can buy? So far my searches on various sites and ebay haven't yielded anything, but that could be because I'm using the incorrect search terms. Thanks for your help. -J
  2. Hey, I'm Jason. Just acquired a 1973 Mustang Convertible in June of 2017 that's been graphic'd up to look like a Mach 1. She looks pretty and has a new 351C, but still needs some additional work to be "perfect" in my eyes. I don't mean show perfect, I don't ever need her to be a show car...just a little more work to make her something I don't feel I need to do "that next thing" to (if that state of mind even can ever be achieved). I joined the OC Mustang Club, but haven't yet attended an event (but I shall). Shout out to me if you're close by and want to have a look sometime (and show me your Mustang). Jason
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