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    73 mustang. As far as I know it’s got 91k original miles. 302 2 barrel auto


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  1. Well for me there’s a little history on the car that I have. 11 years ago my stepdad had sold his car to the guy he had originally bought it from and up until a month ago we had figured the car had been either scrapped or was rotting in a field. Me and a buddy of mine were scrolling through kijiji just killing time and he stumbled upon an ad of someone selling a 73 mustang and my jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw it. Anyways to make a long story short went to look at the car and turns out it was the exact car he had sold and I had confirmed it by a few of the rust spots plus an old invoice of work that was done to the front end had his name on it. Best part of this is he had no idea till him and my mom stopped by 2 weeks after I got it and he saw it in the driveway
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