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  1. Hi, am I missing something? The lighter will work when you push in the cigarette lighter (its gets hot) but I have tried 3 different usb chargers/adaptors that work in my modern car that will not work in the mustang. Any ideas? Thanks Greg B
  2. Excellent DON C thanks. I was worried about connecting that to the sniper and having the whole system fault.
  3. Thanks Don C, would the MSD tach adaptor connect to the old + coil wire, now no longer used in my setup?
  4. Hi, quick question. Now have the car up and running again after a few small problems. My factory TACH no longer works. I know the Sniper/hyperspark has a brown TACH signal wire, but do not know where to connect this in my factory wiring loom. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  5. RC92234, perfect. Do you know where the Power Window relay is located and what it may look like?
  6. Hi Just completed a motor replacement. Runs great, however my power windows no longer work. Can someone please post up a link to a diagram for the power window option for me? They were a little hit an miss prior to the work I have just completed, but something now is wrong. Thanks Greg B
  7. Thanks, looking forward to catching up with it and finally taking her out.
  8. Hi, anyone going to be going to Houston round of NHRA in April? I am coming over (live in New Zealand) picking up my Mustang and road tripping back to LA. I am going to be at the drags on the Sunday if anyone is keen to meet up. Greg B Here is my new horse.
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