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  1. Thanks Boiler and all others. I was always going to have the car tuned on a dyno after the run in process. I think I will now take it to them earlier, they can run in on the dyno and work a custom tune. Thats going to take away any guess work and if I have a fault anywhere they will be able to highlight it for me. Yes its quite a bit of money, but nothing compared to what I have invested in the engine. I would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks and I will let you know what the dyno/tuners turn up.
  2. Hi Rob Fuel is just under 60 psi while engine running. I have updated to latest firmware. O2 sensor is about 8 inches down from my collectors at about 10 oclock facing down in a welded bung. I will run a log. I will also recheck for a leak, I used a tissue paper and ran it around looking for movement but did not see any, I will use a short hose and listen for one next time. Thanks
  3. Nice and lcean look, and they were cheap! I like your set up on the front of your engine, tidies up the engine bay. I am going to run mine stock for now, but I would like to do something similar in the future. You are running the GM type power steering pump, did you have to do anything else to the factory power steering?
  4. Thanks guys. I will get back to you all once I have done the above a little later in the week. Here is a pic of the engine on its way in a couple of wekes ago.
  5. Hi all and thanks for the quick replies. Engine is a fresh rebuild, sniper is new on the engine Timming is confirmed at 15 deg (same as setting in sniper) Sensors are all reading stable numbers and not jumping or showing errors. 12.8 volts to sniper, down to 10.9 while cranking and charging at 13.4 while engine running. Idle target is 850, will idle anywhere between 750 and 1100 IAC shows 20 while engine is warming up AFR anywhere between 12.5 and 14 Does go into learning mode once above 160 deg. Idle timing at 15 deg and WOT 28 with 30 cruise (engine builders recommendations to run in at) Interesting I have spoken with others that will say at idle their timing numbers will move anywhere between 8 and 15 deg as the sniper is trying to smooth the idle, mine will say at 15 all the time. I will get it running again later in the week and do a video of the screen. Thanks Grego
  6. Thanks, will have another look over it, I have been through that and thought I was leak free, will check.
  7. HI all Does anyone have a sniper with hyperspark set up? I have got mine running, but very poorly. Its over fueling to the point that the plugs get wet and will not start. Its a 408 with Aussie 2V ali heads, 10:1 compression and a reasonable agressive cam. Looking to get someones tune that they have in their Sniper as a better than the factory starting point. THANKS
  8. Hi, need to replace some very old and very poorly install door speakers. Thankfully the door has not been cut up nore the door card. The factory speaker hole is appro 8 inches by 4 inches. What speakers are you guys fitting? Not building a loud flash system, just want a little sounds when parked up. Thanks
  9. My car is electric window optioned, but still has the same friction points as above. I have adjusted the window with enough pressure from the friction pads to that the out rubber seals formed a tight seal across the entire window. Note, this was quite an amount of pressure. I used spray on lithium grease on all moving parts, works very well. Side note, I do not wish upon anyone that has to fault find the wiring on these power window option cars, what a total pain, glade to be out the other side of it.
  10. Thanks so much Rob, really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  11. Yes, had it running, I have the hyper spark controlled timing. Not using any of the old wiring going to the old coil.
  12. Hi, can anyone help me out? I have completed the install of my Holley Sniper and the only thing left to sort is getting the factory Tach (Rev counter going again. I know which is my Holley signal wire, I just do not know where to connect it into my factory wiring. Thanks
  13. Hi, am I missing something? The lighter will work when you push in the cigarette lighter (its gets hot) but I have tried 3 different usb chargers/adaptors that work in my modern car that will not work in the mustang. Any ideas? Thanks Greg B
  14. Excellent DON C thanks. I was worried about connecting that to the sniper and having the whole system fault.
  15. Thanks Don C, would the MSD tach adaptor connect to the old + coil wire, now no longer used in my setup?
  16. Hi, quick question. Now have the car up and running again after a few small problems. My factory TACH no longer works. I know the Sniper/hyperspark has a brown TACH signal wire, but do not know where to connect this in my factory wiring loom. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  17. RC92234, perfect. Do you know where the Power Window relay is located and what it may look like?
  18. Hi Just completed a motor replacement. Runs great, however my power windows no longer work. Can someone please post up a link to a diagram for the power window option for me? They were a little hit an miss prior to the work I have just completed, but something now is wrong. Thanks Greg B
  19. Thanks, looking forward to catching up with it and finally taking her out.
  20. Hi, anyone going to be going to Houston round of NHRA in April? I am coming over (live in New Zealand) picking up my Mustang and road tripping back to LA. I am going to be at the drags on the Sunday if anyone is keen to meet up. Greg B Here is my new horse.
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