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  1. I know Scotty.. I'll give him a shout.. thanks!
  2. Thank you David. This what I was thinking was the case. It just seemed logical that older cars metal was much tougher than modern stuff.. and I was thinking that maybe better to use for repairs if available.
  3. Thanks Hemikiller.. thats what I needed to know..
  4. 2 part question on the rear quarters. Are the rear quarter sections that have the bumper indents the same on all the year or is the 73 different than 71-72 ? Also are coupe vs fastback differ in that area? I'm looking to replace the lower quarters and see listed without distinction.. or maybe I'm blind..
  5. So in looking for answers to my pillar repair and thinking about the other repairs I am going to be tackling I started wondering about scrap metal and what to source the stuff from. So my question is.. is there really much difference on the quality and worthiness between vintage body steel and late model ? Is it worth the time and effort to find earlier cars to cut panels from for patching vs more readily available stuff?
  6. So I think I'm going to go the patch repair method.. After reading a number threads with detailed descriptions and watching a few very good videos .. I think I have the skills to do this repair. Sure appreciate all the help here.. I'll be sure to document my success (or failure) and share it back here. I do have another supporting question but I think I'll open a separate thread on the subject.
  7. Thanks Ray! I will.. thank you for the heads up.
  8. Yes sir.. already reached out to another member who may be able to get me some cut off pieces. If that falls through I'll continue to search. Failing that I'll be forced to create my own. I was hoping to hear from other who may have dealt with this particular repair. I've search across various groups and site but yet to find anything about this exact issue. Thank you for responding.
  9. So my Grande resto is taking forever but in this post I need some specific help. I have rust holes in the upper A pillar (pinchweld) area on both sides. I am hoping to repair them with out having to pull the roof skin. The roof is rusty but has no holes in it so it can be cleaned up and fixed.. but even if I replaced it the panels available do not come with the area I need to fix. I searched all the various vendors and don't see replacement pillars offered that include the section. Does anyone have advice on repair or replacement?
  10. Here is a video showing the replacement project.. You may comment..I have thick skin..
  11. I made this decision because I only ever wanted a fastback. I picked one up a year or so.. titled.. but needing as much work as the Grande.. So now the Grande will be a donor for that project..
  12. It's been over 2 years since I posted this.. .. and so much has changed... I think a apology is in order.. almost nothing has been done in that time.. There are lots of reasons but I won't bore you with details. That said.. I will cut to the chase.. when I really got down to the nitty gritty of this car..the amount of rust repair was substantial. It would take roof, both quarters and a full floor.. to make this car road worthwhile. Thats not counting the extensive front rust repair.. Plus I have no paperwork for the car... So.... I'm 61 now.. and not foolish enough to not realize what I really want..what time I have. Bottom line this car is not getting built.
  13. So these are the correct hood springs for the NACA hood application?
  14. Thank you.. that is what I was thinking..as all I've read is that the 71-73 was designed on the outset for big block applications. I wanted make certain before I purchased replacement frame metal for my build.
  15. Question those who know. What frame and body parts were specific to the big block cars vs the 351c cars. Did Ford install any stronger, bigger parts to support the large engine platform.. or were the cars all the same frame wise? Also interested in what suspension parts were specific to the big block cars..
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