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  1. Here is a video showing the replacement project.. You may comment..I have thick skin..
  2. I made this decision because I only ever wanted a fastback. I picked one up a year or so.. titled.. but needing as much work as the Grande.. So now the Grande will be a donor for that project..
  3. It's been over 2 years since I posted this.. .. and so much has changed... I think a apology is in order.. almost nothing has been done in that time.. There are lots of reasons but I won't bore you with details. That said.. I will cut to the chase.. when I really got down to the nitty gritty of this car..the amount of rust repair was substantial. It would take roof, both quarters and a full floor.. to make this car road worthwhile. Thats not counting the extensive front rust repair.. Plus I have no paperwork for the car... So.... I'm 61 now.. and not foolish enoug
  4. So these are the correct hood springs for the NACA hood application?
  5. Thank you.. that is what I was thinking..as all I've read is that the 71-73 was designed on the outset for big block applications. I wanted make certain before I purchased replacement frame metal for my build.
  6. Question those who know. What frame and body parts were specific to the big block cars vs the 351c cars. Did Ford install any stronger, bigger parts to support the large engine platform.. or were the cars all the same frame wise? Also interested in what suspension parts were specific to the big block cars..
  7. All the tips here are good ones.. I did glass work for years.. so I'll add one more.. Below is the homemade tool many of us use to cut out glass parts and be able to save them. Just a piece of 1/2" conduit cut down to a couple feet long. Then a loose utility knife blade fitted to the flattened end. That flat profile let's you cut from the inside without damaging any trim. .. the long handle gives good leverage and a good purchase on the tool. Using soapy water in a spray bottle to live the sealant and keep the butyl from sticking together. The plus is you can push out and cut the
  8. That's a really nice system.. wouldn't mind putting one in my sportsroof...
  9. That's great! Very happy that my system.. old and ugly as it is.. is unmolested and complete!
  10. Thanks.. I am concerned about keeping my car original.. the conversion to R134a is tempting though.
  11. So when restoring my Grande.. as far as the A/C system is concerned...I want to use as much as possible of the original parts that came on the car.. I know there are replacement parts for everything but I don't want like kind..I really want to have my parts refurbished..restored.. Has anyone been down this path.. what am I looking at?...
  12. So after reading all the posts on this thread... am I to assume the seller here is just using the "Cobra Jet" term to make the car out to be something it's not?? http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=192310867945&category=6236&pm=1&ds=0&t=1509438252000&ver=0&cspheader=1
  13. I posted this one in the Grande section a while ago... https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1-of-1-429-cobrajet-with-ram-air
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