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  1. Hi, Just wondering if a 73 Mach 1 actually has a windscreen washer fitted standard. Planning on having the Mustang licenced in the next few weeks (australia) and noticed no resevoir, pump, washer nozzles etc. Also does not seem to be an area where the washer nozzles may have attached. Can someone shed some light on this and maybe post a picture of where the washer nozzles and reservoir should be fitted, if they where fitted. Thanks Marty
  2. ::welcome:: The car looks nice, the chick looks better, Gotta say that I would't let any chick lie on my car!!! she'd have to agree to put our first, then maybe I would consider letting her lie on it.
  3. Being an aussie I am a big fan of Mad Max, gotta say that this car sucks, one of the reason car buffs liked Mad Max was because the original MFP and V8 interceptor where slightly modified production vehicles. This thing looks like a Kit Car.
  4. Very Nice, I also have a bright red 73 with Magnum 500's, they really finish the car off nicely. The car looks as if it's in really good condition. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. Okay, I bought my Mustang because I could not purchase an Australian made GS/GT falcon for the price I bought my 73 mach 1. I had an XB GS as my second car, loved the car, courted my wife in this car and always got heaps of comments to how nice the car was, anyhow, had to sell this car when I started my own businness, i regreted it and have always talked about how good a car it was and how well it drived. About a year ago I started to hunt around for another Aussie made Ford Falcon GS or GT, I struggled to find a car that was in good condition, most had rust issues and the prices where out of my reach, I decided to look abroad and the 71-73 Mach 1's instantly stood out, the 73 has many similarities to our XB falcon coupes, the 73 I bought had the same running gear as my Falcon, also had power steering and disc brake front end like my Falcon and to top it off it even drives like my old XB falcon. Gotta say I am totally wrapped in my Mach 1, and to top it off my two boys look to have inherited my Blue Blood and are in total awe of the car!!!!
  6. Thanks for the tips. I think the fender will be coming off to confirm the true identity. will keep you posted. Attached are a pic of the Tag, so you can see why I am confused.
  7. Thanks for the Pictures and extra info, The paint on the car is pretty smick so didn't really want to have to take the fender off unless totally necessary. I am pretty well 100% sure that it is a Q code car as per the Buck tag. The Marti report I got for this VIN is spot on to the original paint colour, interior, drive train etc. Really hopeing that the car comes back clean, otherwise the dealer will be re-imbursing me and the car will take a long trip back to the USA.
  8. Thanks Mate, hope it as you said just a dash swap. The only other questionable is that the Title was also for the F code vehicle.
  9. After waiting five months my mach 1 finally arrived, the car was imported as an F code mustang which is what the Vin on the dash is, I purchased a Marti report but was confused as the original colour was not correct to the original color that was evident behind the back seats, anyhow did some more searching and found the Buck Tag which shows the car as being a Q code Mustang, I purchased a Marti Report and found that the colours and drivetrain are correct to the VIN on Buck Tag. I am absolutley stoked that the car is a Q code mach 1 but I am also concerned that the car may have a chequered past. I purchased the car from a large dealer and have been back in contact with him and asked for him to do a search to ensure it is not a stolen vehicle, still waiting for him to get back to me. Can anyone tell me if you have a national data base that can be searched for Stolen vehicles, I am in Australia so not very familiar with who to use for the search. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Will keep you posted on pics, should be up in the next few days TNFASTBK, you may actually know the car as it came out of Lebanon Tennesee.
  11. Thanks Fellas, Yeah as I said I am really pleased with the car, its actually in way better condition then I was expecting with only some very minor issues, to be rectified. The car is not original but It doesnt really bother me, I had been chasing an Australian made XB GT sedan or coupe but could not buy anthying within my price range so decided to look to the US whilst the dollar is high, really surprises me that these models do not fetch more money, our GT Falcons sell from between $30 to $100,000 GT HO's are $200,000 + and it seems you can buy a 71-73 mach 1 with the same running gear as an Aussie GT Falcon in good condition for 15 -30,000 US, undervalued if you ask me.
  12. G'day, Just been browsing the web and came across this site, cool site with heaps of info which I am certain will come in handy. Anyhow, my name is Marty, I'm from Perth Western Australia, Just took delivery of a 1973 Mach One, 351, 4 speed toploader and nine inch diff. Had to wait a very long 5 and a half months to take delivery, totally stoked with the car, profile picture is whilst the car was still in the US, will edit with new pics in the next few days. Car came across with no shipping damage so really happy. Hopeing some members can help me with some questions on the car, will post at a later date,
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