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  1. Did some more disassembly getting ready for sheetmetal work.
  2. Interesting and informative info. Eaton priced me a set of Improved handling leafs that will lower the rear approximately 1” for $429.99 set. I would pro drive there and take a mini vacation since it relatively close. Maier leafs with shipping puts me about 720.00 to the door. So those two are comparatively priced. Does anyone know or have used Street or Tracks leafs? Prices are about 320.00 a set.
  3. Building a 408 Clevor and tremec. What accessory drive system did you use?
  4. With the risers out how much headroom does that allow. I have a set of mint 2012 gt/CSU seats I’ll be trying to use
  5. Man that looks like a ton of work, but awesome once it’s done.
  6. I’m planning for the same leafs, coils, and bilsteins all around. Hoping to eventually get his full setup later on. How’s the ride with them?
  7. The engine and trans are from a previous project decided to use for this one. It’s rotated every few weeks and in a heated area. Looking to change it up a bit fo4 this build so it will probably be coming apart soon.
  8. Yes, before it goes on a rotisserie it’s going to the frame machine first to be checked over. Buddy that’s doin the body and paint work runs a body shop that mainly works on high end cars like Jag, land rovers- Porsche etc. Builds quality Restos on the side. Next out will be the heater box to see exactly what’s there.
  9. Been awhile since any updates, not much has gotten done but a lot of figuring out exactly what to do. Shouldn’t be much longer before it’s on the rotisserie. Overall it’s in descent shape requiring some floorpan work, two pinholes in trunk around fuel filler, and a few dings and panel alignment. Cowl area so far looks to be in good shape. Finally decided on paint and striping colors, wheels and suspension are down to a couple options. Brakes will be 2004 cobras using mustang Steve brackets front and rear. Engine is a dilemma right now as to swapping heads or not.
  10. Up in the air on my engine combo. It’s a 408w/tremec combo currently sitting in the car for test fitting. Yes a Victor 5.8 efi intake will clear the ram air hood. All this was from a previous project that was sold to start this one. The more I look at it I’m just not really liking it. My dad had the short block built years back by Keith Craft to run 4v CJ heads making the Clevor setup that he ran in his drag car. Since then I had the pistons modified to accept steel darts, converted to a roller Comp cams xfi-236hr-14 that’s 236/248@.050 and .579 lift. Has a 114 lobe because it was originally going in my 95 gt for tuning reasons. Now that I see CVF makes accessory brackets for a Clevor, and since the 408 originally had 4v heads, and there are intake options, why not swap it back. I think headers may be the only other hurdle to overcome.
  11. Most definitely not sandblasting the body. Would like to the underside and engine compartment only but may just super sand and clean. Exterior will be sanded only or with a da. Underside will be easier accessed and an easier job on a rotisserie. Guess may have to bite the bullet and buy one. ?
  12. So beginning the tear down and after stripping the interior out I find that parts of the floor needs replacing and a few spots in the trunk need repairing. Dad had new Oem inner and outer qtrs, tailight panel, rear valance, fenders and Mach 1 hood installed in the late 80’s but need some tweaking and attention. Curious as to what/how others have done to clean the underside using a rotisserie or diy structures. See several ideas on the web just hate to buy a rotisserie for a one time use. The plan is to totally replace/clean whatever needs to be underneath then paint. img host
  13. Swapping in the 408w and tremec to start fitting up headers, intake, and accessories.
  14. What intake is that? Is it backwards in the first picture?
  15. From what I’ve read and researched today, the 71-73 rear axle was 61.25” total width. Dad had put a 58 model 9” in it years ago when he drag raced it. Looking at wheel fitment options as to which rear allows the best fit for wider tires. Anyone have a measurement on the factory total axle width on our cars
  16. I’m looking at something similar to use with the mustangsteve adapters for cobra brake conversion. Supposedly wilwood has a m/c that’ll work with disc/disc and no power assist. To clean up the engine bay some. You may call them and see what they recommend with your setup.
  17. Saw this posted on the FB page, anyone have info on it or owner possibly on here. I see there’s been a magazine article on it. poem on time in hindi
  18. Callled kevko yesterday, he said may have to clearance the scraper to miss the main girdle a little as companies design their girdles differently. Also informed me that this weekend is 25% off online orders so pan and pickup will be under $200.00.
  19. It’s going to be more of a driver/protouring build. Won’t see a drag strip. I’ll check out the Kevko pans, they appear pretty well built. I was looking into the miloden 697-30926 but appears to have a pretty deep sump.
  20. Heading to jegs and ford swap in Columbus this weekend, looking for a 7qt oil pan that fits a 408 Windsor with a main girdle. Anyone have preferences on brands they like or pros/cons on our big bodies?
  21. Good luck with your build. I may end up going that direction if once fitting the 408w in becomes to big of a hassle. It’s already built and paid for or I’d go the Cleveland route. Curiosity wonders how much difference there is between the 69-70 engine compartments vs our big bodies since Windsor headers are available for them?
  22. I’m doing the same as my 408w mated to a tremec was going in my 95gt until my dad decided to come off his 73. Over the next few months I’ll be test fitting it all together first off using the foxbody swap headers since they’re new and I have them. From there I don’t know. There’s several offered but none 71-73 specific. My short block was originally setup using closed chamber Cleveland heads in our drag car, but then your still stuck on headers.
  23. Local parts stores like advance and autozone chassis parts come from federal mogul as well. Origins vary greatly on these as well. Wonder what the difference is in the moog and parts store brands since they both come from federal mogul?
  24. My dad had a 73 Mach 1 when I was a kid, which is the year I was born. And now own his 2nd 73 he bought around 1986. Starting a total tear down now and rebuild as a pro-touring style.
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