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  1. No idea why he wants to take this on but anyone have a lead on a 65 coupe that's for sale? Hes been goin through the published stuff but missed out on the one that was closest to what he wanted. Hes lookin for a 65 coupe (it doesnt have to be original everything) V8 manual trans with a solid body. Hes even ok with gt350 clones for the right price. Just thought i'd ask around here.
  2. midlife infers with an extremely educated guess, always. From experience there was some fast and loose play going on at the ford plant in the early 70's. If it fit and worked but had an extra wire so what....or maybe you would upgrade to that package down the line and on the other end of it, ford execs has specific parts made just for these cars.....that got cancelled from mass production in 1973 so we have to fit pinto parts or truck parts, or just make our own, at least a few years ago getting seat mounts was damn near impossible for some model, and some parts are just an almost interchangeable replacement that were close bc thats what the execs decided were better and cheaper. These cars are a lot lot depression era harleys, if "Tim" put it together he had 16 of the old model bearings to use and he finished those in march, but maybe Mark put it together and he had 24 of those bearings but he was slow so he didnt start using the new ones until october so which one is it ? lol
  3. ok apparently noone has tried. So maybe i'll be the first. Midlife, do you have any writeup on the speedo anywhere? It is after all electro/mechanical. If not do you have any description of the speedo itself? Like what the end of the speedo cable actually does? From my understanding it is squared to make a specific current that the "speedcup" (i guess thats the metal around the insertion point) picks up on on thats what drives the actual needle. If I'm correct in all of that awesome and I could make it work from there. If not what am I missing in the operation?
  4. Anyone installed one of these? Cj says it fits but the install doc is very vague. If you have one working how did you attach the white wire and to where?
  5. Ok so i know the reasons have to be limited but im lookin for ideas to try and help me narrow it down. Its been a good while but just to refresh everyone 72 mach1. So here's what I've got goin on. The lights are turning off and on, not just the headlights, everything, lamps, running lamps, console lights, brake lights, everything. It either works or nothing. It seems to happen more when the car is being driven but after driving will continue at idle. I've already replaced the headlamp/dimmer module and no change. I'm thinking it has to be a loose ground but where? What ground could fail the entire lighting system by itself? Any ideas?
  6. if you can get the original glued back together with a nearly invisible seam I posted a thread a while back on how to refinish an original lens to remove even very deep scratches.
  7. ya know David I actually might be able to do a day at the museum, I'm not an early riser but I think I could have my brother start the day with the grandmother and I could come later. I'd love for you to be able to look her over, I know her imperfections but I seem to be the only one. What are the dates? Thanks for the input on the draw, I'll look at it. When the shop rechecked it they couldn't see any draw even though the battery would die when I had it in the garage. Weird. I'll see if I can find one.
  8. two things that I saw and have dealt with from your posts. I had to replace my windshield, it was exceptionally hard to find an original and the repro models aren't the same, they don't fit as well and don't have the shade across the top the same. Take the time to find an OEM replacement not a re-pop. Also you have the upgraded dash with push button distance meter. This plastic is NOT available (unless its been re-popped in the last year) there are several forum posts about either converting a re-pop to this type or refinishing the original. Don't toss the original whatever you do you may very well need it. ( I saw the previous post , EXACT reproduction is an overstatement ftom CJP) The original lens has a black plunger with a black boot and no visible spring. It will work but wont actually be resto.
  9. congrats.....I'm sorry, and good luck to you all in one :) welcome to the pain and pleasure that is the 71-73 mustang. If you love her long enough she can be something special, so don't give up but it will be painful. The people here will be a huge help, especially, david, midlife and don take their advice.
  10. I know I've been gone for a good while but hey, life...…… I did actually switch the mufflers to turbos and its pretty damn sweet in my opinion. Grandma still thinks its a bit loud but after I took her out to dinner in it and she became the woman to ask about the sick muscle car that came to the door of the restaurant and picked her up she is becoming more open to how its setup now. Couple little things are creeping up though so if anyone (specifically MIDLIFE) has any input I'd apprecieate it. I noticed the headlights are coming in an out, as in not always on, any major culprits to check first? Also even though the car can sit for 3-7 days and not show any real drain on the battery sometimes, even in a few days the battery can be nearly dead, to the point that the clock in the dash wont even run. All the grounds are solid as that was a possible issue I found that could have caused some whackiness, but its still popping up. Any suggestions of a particular switch/relay/ whatever that could be the culprit of a slow drain? Also a set of mach1 tips and flowmaster 50's are still available if anyone is interested.
  11. pics...............der otherwise its just a tease.
  12. yeah that's not askin too much for that shell.......................
  13. ok I'm a dummy, and didn't see the original thread, but its still a valid question because of the different cuts of the rear mats since neither match factory rubber mats. And i know it says convertible but after everything with one of these, I don't trust anyone unless they have one to say yeah that fits. Hell I still cant keep the trunk open even though I've tried 4 sets of "correct" springs. And I don't even have a spoiler.
  14. So there seem to be 2 available patterns for floor mats for a mach, one has a notch on the top left of the drivers side, a hard angle to the left on the passengers and more rounded corners on the rear, the other has an out turn on the drivers, no angle on the passengers but a notch, and more square rears. Are these actually automatic vs manual floor mats? Design style differences? If so do you have them and what actually fits well.
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