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  1. the ad links that pop up on top of every forum post go 404 for bills
  2. hey rocket, the sponsored bill's link has been 404 for months. First question website related 404 is a bad link so did the website change? Second ? Sad but did we lose bill?
  3. ok this is more of a guess than anything but magnums have 4.5" backspacing, and by the looks of the damage they would clear. You don't need a brand new set yet, just check with auto shops or even junk yards all you need is one 15" magnum that's in terrible shape to try and fit.
  4. Anyone know of a 3 chamber muffler for a moderate sound that will fit a 72 mach? I tried using series 50 from flowmaster but exhaust shops says its too long. They only know of 2 chambers ie series 40 that fit in the recess.
  5. you guys seem to be shipping in as many mustangs as you're sending out blonde hair blue eyed actors. (Thanks for Margot Robbie BTW)
  6. ouch, in my opinion that's a 1500.00 car as it sits maybe 2000.00 bc its got a manual trans. Others may say more.
  7. that would be clear coat, paint, and primer................ Ameron?
  8. lol david, by perfect I meant all the right parts and stuff about in the right place :) gotta set the bar for standards in the right place
  9. the two biggest problems I ran into were making absolutely sure the evaporator has the right angle fittings on it before you buy it and get 2 sets of r134a fill valves, only the larger of the two in each set sits the r12 ports. I say 2 sets because I found sets cheaper on amazon than individuals.
  10. honestly I don't know, you're getting above my head, I just found the kit with the parts that I either didn't have or were in bad shape and went with it. By the websites images I did stage 2 but that's because I needed a new radiator unit and condenser. And my guy that's helping me get the car finished up actually put it together and filled it. I'm more of a find obscure parts and this is how it mounts or this is what this old doc says it does kind of person :)
  11. yeah just took mine to 134a, if your system isn't currently running and sealed, or if you are going to have to open it to replace the compressor you will have to go to 134a
  12. not 100% that this is the exact right one but I think it is, https://originalair.com/york-tube-o-rebuilt2
  13. original air if you want an exact match, however if you're not that picky autozone lol
  14. I found exact repops from original air, cheaper than the drakes too
  15. It may not be helpful yet, but on my thread I will post the pictures and hopefully no challenges of running a 1 inch rise on the rear springs, 1 inch drop on the fronts, and 295/60/15 rears on 8 in deep rims with 205/60/15 fronts with standard 7 inch deep rims.
  16. jesus what have you done, lol, what have I DONE? My wife HATES the 72, she hates the look, she hates the time its taken, the stress its put on me, the cost (even though gdad has put up the bulk of it). I'm lookin at page one, at the image of the all black big wheel hood scoop and louvre 70 mach 1 and she literally slinks across the couch "WHATS THAT!!!!!!!!? That is one sexy car, I love it!" Admittedly I wouldn't mind having one but last time she was onboard I ended up with a second Harley.
  17. readjusted the valves....? Off a bit? Do you mean your timing was off? Did you pull the head and inspect the valves for damage?
  18. unless its really considered to have been a bad choice to use in the first place, a 302 in a 71-73, a straight 6 in and 65-70........theres something to be said when intact but when the book guides say take half the value off if it has the tiny motor well....................
  19. to each their own, but what happens at the ford plant after 2 on Fridays , or before 2 on Mondays for that matter could explain most of what you pointed out. Given that the factory would be open about 50 weeks a year I'd hazard a guess that over 71-73 only about 150 perfect mustangs were ever produced, likely between 10 am and 2 pm on Tuesdays :) lol
  20. yes just confirming the correct placement of the bumber on a 72 mach
  21. David I have the trim and clips, just not putting them on till the wheels and tires are on since body panels will need slight adjustment, as far as the rear deck we had it made of a plastics kind of material using the original as a template, I can get you the number of the shop that made it if you like. I'll make sure to get some good pics of the back deck for you.
  22. Ok still held up by a couple of little items, the wheels and tires are on backorder, the exhaust tips are not here yet, so no exhaust, free flowing headers, décor trim still not on, the original air cleaner is going to have to go, and shes dirty, really dirty but finally some progress pics. and finally a video, remember NO exhaust AT ALL https://www.dropshots.com/libram11
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