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  1. Thanks, will check in the morning.
  2. My AC compressor doesn't seem to be getting enough current to trip the clutch. I want to run a relay from the compressor wire and then run 12v from the relay back to the compressor. Where should I get the 12v from? Directly from the battery or is there a better source? I am also putting in an inline 30A fuse. Thanks
  3. Thanks, will check that today, With the meter on the compressor wire I did check the voltages: Fan off = 0v Fan ON with lever not on MAX or fresh = 0v Lever on Max or fresh with fan On = 12V So it seems that the switches work properly.
  4. AC compressor won't engage when AC is turned on. If I connect the compressor wire to +12v at the battery, the clutch engages ath the compressor. I checked the wire going to the compressor and it gets +12V! When I connect the wire the clutch does not engage! Doesn't make sense. Any suggestions out there?
  5. Is the frame supposed to be painted flat or Satin? Any recommendations for rattle can or brush on paints? Thanks!
  6. What orange primer paint is used to paint the rear axle assembly?
  7. Thanks, west coast cougar has one, but I'll try don first.
  8. Found out why my driver's window was slanting back. The upper window glide was broken. Anyone know who sells replacements?
  9. Anyone have a Pertonix Ignitor II go bad on them? I recently had an intermittent starting issue. Replaced gas filter and car started. Two days later same issue. Replaced coil and it started and ran good for two days. Tried today and won't start again. Bought a spark tester and not getting spark. I then replaced the cap and rotor ans still won't start. The only things left are the Pertronix and the distributor. Any way to check the Ingnitor II? Any help appreciated.
  10. I set up a laser line level across the side of the car when putting on the decals.
  11. Looking for OEM standard grill in good condition. Must be early version that used two center mounting brackets.
  12. Engine was rebuilt last year has been and still running great. Scenario: I am on the highway for at least 30 min, doing 70-75. If I stomp on it to bring it to 80-85 I get white smoke out the exhaust. If I let up on the gas back down to 70, the smoke only lasts for about 10 seconds. Under normal acceleration, I can go to 90, with no probs. I had my mechanic check it out but he said everything looked fine, including compression, plugs looked fine too. This just started to happened right after I had my trans fluid changed/ serviced. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. I just got my Year One 17 x8 and 17x9 one piece magnum 500 wheels. 245-45 17 in the front and 275-40 17 on the rears.
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