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  1. Well took her to the show today and won best 70s car... 2 shows 2 trophies! Makes me feel good about all the hours I spent working on her!
  2. Thanks! It's kinda nice to be a little closer to done! Big carshow here this weekend think im gonna take her and show her off. hopefully there's a few more like her there..
  3. Just thought I would post some recent pics now thay I have the engine done.
  4. Welcome from Kansas city!!
  5. first time it's been judged since I finished it and it won!
  6. agreed, he would not drive the car unless I was with him and it would not be a 130 mile test drive!
  7. it's just Glasurit black with a Flattening agent in the clear exterior color is 6E - Med Bright Yellow but I did a little tweaking, it's more orange than the video shows. and thanks everyone for the kind words! motor is done now and started getting it back in will post more pics when finished.
  8. I pulled the motor and did some detail work on the engine bay. this is what I started with!
  9. Yep ole pony he said he was taking it to Miami but i don't know if that is the final destination. He had 4 cars + the one he picked up from us all going to Florida.
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