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  1. love it..... can't wait to see it completed!!!!!!!! Will be following this one for sure!!!
  2. Alright to do a follow up this is what I did, and the reason the mice moved in is partly my fault for not driving it more than I did last summer but it will not happen again... I went to our local Menards and bought a Pile of sticky traps, Poison bars, and 6 cans of insect foggers. I then proceeded to remove the back seats and the back trim panels and the front seats. I vacuumed out the entire car all the mouse turds and nest. cleaned it up. I reinstalled both front seats and kept the rear seat a panels out. I then opened all the sticky traps and put them everywhere I could, and in the middle of each sticky trap I put the poison bar in the middle and laid a bunch of lose ones around on the floor and front seat. I have the car out side the shop and I didn't want to do this next step in my shop because my 160 pound Saint Bernard lives in the shop and I didn't want to poison him. I put 4 of the foggers in the car and set them off and just let it set out for 3 days, after that I filled soda caps with peppermint extract and put the car back into the shop. I'm happy to report that this winter I have not seen anymore signs of mice in the car and it smells like a candy cane inside!!!! I will put the back seat and the rest of the panels back in when I get ready to drive it this summer and pull out all the sticky traps and poison... Winter sucks....
  3. I know this is an older thread, but I'm sitting at home riding out a blizzard in Central Nebraska. Its too cool for me outside to work in the shop so I'm surfing the net and dreaming of summer, and had to add my pic to the thread!!!! image host sites
  4. Hello everyone, I have a odd question for you all and I hope you can give me some ideas on my problem I'm having. First off I live out in the country and I'm having a mice problem with them little stinkers getting into my Mach 1. I have sticky traps in the car and have the rat bait poison bars in it and yet still have them getting into it. I pulled the back seat, front seats, center counsel to clean it up and get the nest out.. With winter coming I'm looking for some good idea to curve this little problem.. Then little stinkers sure can ruin a car fast.. please give me your ideas, Thank you in advance...
  5. Yes I remember this and that is the year I dropped my subscription to them....
  6. Nice... Congrats... Love that color!!!!!!
  7. I have not dug it out yet but I will shortly then I will get you some pics.... I will not build it into a circle track car. Still researching which direction I want to go with it... either drag racing or SCCA road racing car... done both and enjoy them both...
  8. On my mach 1 it was a full time job driving it down the highway at 55-60 mph... so I replace the steering box and wow its drives great now.. No wondering from ditch to ditch... I bought mine off of e-bay for like 150 bucks and it is a power steering car.. now if you have a 351C with headers it a very very tight fit and a pile of work but so worth it....
  9. Hello everyone, I have a 1972 Mach 1 shell buried in the back of my barn and today i was looking at it and was wondering what I should do with it. Its not in bad shape body wise and I feel its too go to send to the crusher. So I was thinking of maybe building a drag car out of it, and was wondering if there where any build threads out there. Yes I did a search and really didn't come up with much, but i'm also not that great on the computer. I could restore it but, there is a lot of the interior I would have to run down and that seems to be where I spent piles of money on my other mustangs I restored. Since I have spent half my life racing dirt track a buddy of mine said I should build a old school dirt car out of it... I told him I only do that to chevy's since they are dime a dozen....
  10. I stop by there a lot, although sometimes I don't log in I just surf the threads. It works for me, but I do have problems getting it to come up on my wife's laptop.
  11. Thanks for sharing!!!! I have race auto cross before and it was a riot, but never done it in my mustang, maybe some day
  12. I'm sick of winter and can't wait till spring for many reasons and one is to drive my mustang again. My mustang is over in the corner of the shop with a tarp over it. Winter has not been too bad here compared to the snow that other people have had, but the cold temps really take it out of me anymore. Can't wait for some warm weather, then I will be complaining about the humidity and hot weather... Its just a never end circle... LOL!!
  13. not a lot of 71-73 coupes, fastback or Mach-1 in my neck of the woods. I have seen 1 coupe, 2 Mach-1's floating around a 50 mile radius within the last five years. Went to a car show in Lincoln and mine was the only 1971-73 Mach 1 in the show, there was another one that was a coupe but I was the only Mach 1. Every day I drive 100 miles min and don't ever see a 71-73 cruising down the road.. I see mopars and camaro's but no big body mustangs. Makes me feel good when I take mine out, since there rare here. I don't think any camaro's or chevelles rusted out because if I had a dollar for every one I seen in the summer time I could buy another Mach 1.
  14. yes I have tested and made sure both flasher work. I'm getting no power to the turn signal flasher, I have power to the 4 way flasher. I may have to tear the dash down and trace the wire back to fuse panel or where ever the power feed is since it seems that the power runs to the flasher then up to the turn signal switch..
  15. well I have done some internet surfing and it seems that the power to the switch for the turnsignal part of it runs to the flasher first then to the switch if this is correct information then my problem is no power to the flasher... Oh I love electrical problems... LOL
  16. Hello everyone I need so advice. I have brake lights and all, but I have no turn signals. The hazards work but nothing with the turn signals. I'm working on a 1973 mustang with a tilt column. Is there any other way to test if its the turn signal switch. Everyting works but the turn signals no lights in the dash nothing on the out side, but the hazard 4 ways work great...... Thank you Travis
  17. Hello everyone, Several years ago I installed a ken harrison radio in my mustang and since then never really used it. I love listening to the pipes sing, but now I need a copy of the instructions. I was wondering if anyone has a copy they could scan and email to me. Thank you.
  18. Okay, I will stand on the island of thinking it is one ugly mustang.... To rounded and smooth for me... Sorry just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions " just like chevy camaro, everyone has one"
  19. I should be used to all the haters by now. I have had my 71 for as long as I care to think back, and I would not trade it for any other year of mustang or other muscle car. On a side note my other two buddies where there with there cars a 1973 camaro and a 1984 camaro and My car drew way more attention than theres did... ha ha ha.. But I would have just like to have seen other 1971-1973 mustangs there to talk to the owners and look at some of them cars. Was just kind of thinking that the 71-73 body style was kind of taking off and being sought after.. Maybe not so... But at least we know what we like and we don't flood the car shows.... Long live the 1971-1973 mustang!!!!!
  20. well hello everyone, I just thought I would share my disapointment I encountered this weekend at the local carshow. Well the weather was a little questionable, but needless to say I drove my Mach 1 up to the show, this is about the only time I put 300 miles on it in a weekend, but needless to say I was the only 71-73 Mach 1 in the whole carshow. Needless to say I was a little disapointed.. Then walking throu the show looking at the other cars there I overheard a couple guys talking about the ugly blue and silver Mach 1 parked over in the other parking, which was mine.. they then proceeded to say that ford should have dropped the mustang in 1971 and never created the ugly mustang. I just smiled and walked on. This started a really good disscusion with the 2 other buddies I was there with about how its seems that the 71-73 mustangs are a love/hate relationship and you don't see them flood the car shows like the 1967-1969 camaro's. Just thought I would share what I encountered this weekend, it was a great time, just surprised I had the only 71-73 Mach 1 there.
  21. That is a good question and I know I don't have it in my column. So if you do find out something on it please let me know I will be watching this thread, but on a side note its not truely needed because mine was not there when i pulled it apart a couple weeks ago and i have had the car 13 years. But I'm sure there is a reason and purpose for it. I have done some checking on other forums I belong to that are only fords and there is very little information out there on it. Seems later years have it showing on some exploded views and others dont show it. So im lost. wish i had an answer...
  22. yep thats what I thought. Thats the rag joint i don't have.... a new part i will have to find!!!!
  23. I just had that apart when I was working on my lock cylinder and the Part 3E701 is a spring clip that hold the washer and the gear cog on. I could be wrong but that is all that was is mine was a spring clip which I believe is part 3E701, holding a washer and gear in place. But it would not surpirise me if I'm missing something in my steering column since I think it was slapped together with a pile of parts from different car when the prior owner pulled it out.
  24. I love the body style of the 71-73... I have one of the only ones around in my area, so I get a lot of looks when I go for a spin or drive somewhere. I love the history of being in a forty year old car. Its the car I wanted so bad in high school and never could get my hands on one till I was in my mid thrities. Its the most relaxing/stress relief I have. After a real bad day at work nothing puts my mind at ease faster than firing up my Mach 1 and taking a spin down the highway, radio off and just listening to the exshaust.. Very relaxing at least to me.
  25. That is how close they are on mine.... I will not worry about it any more then. I do have two of the tubes that where dented to keep it away from the steering box.. I will put that to rest then, Now I still wondering about the rag joint. My rag joint is just the ploy circle with the two halfves bolted together. All the rag joints I have seen have two pins sticking out to caught a metal plate on the other side of the rag joint. Mine don't have the pins sticking out or a plate for it to catch the pins to let you steer the car if the joint breaks. Is this right? I will try to attach a really bad picture but you get the idea I think. Sorry my camera sucks....
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