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  1. I had a problem similar to this. Changed wiper switch, wiper motor to no avail. The problem turned out to be the thickness of the washer under the wiper handle as this influences the wiper park switch contacts in the wiper motor also make sure that you do not have the nut mounting the handle on the motor spindle too tight. The original Ford workshop manual vaguely mentions this. Hope that this helps.
  2. Hi Lazarus, Love the black and the grey, it gives a subtle sinister look to a very tidy looking ride. Thank you for the welcome.
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Alistair and after owning a '73 Q code Mach One in the early eighties finally was allowed another mustang for my retirement. The vehicle is a '73 mustang convertible, originally an H code, it has a set of closed chamber 4V cylinder heads on it and is more or less stock, it has P/S, P/B, A/C, FMX Power top, 8 track, convenience group, console, 2 speed int wipers, tinted glass, appearance group and colour keyed racing mirrors and weirdly a 2:75 traction lock 9 inch. Not an exceptionally rare vehicle. Like any multi owned car of this vintage and mileage (more than the space shuttle) it has its problems, should have named it Pandora. My intention is to get every thing working again (including the annoying buzzer) and this is where the remaining knowledge of these vehicles is very hard to find in New Zealand, hence joining this Forum. Parts to complete this project is also an issue and the devil is always in the detail with any restoration. When I purchased the car it had a Demon (appropriate named) carburettor on it as a previous owner had run a vortec blower on it, I replaced this with a Holley 600 mainly for economy reasons as in this part of the world our 95 octane is equal to 91 octane in the US which is generally the highest octane rating you can find and you pay NZD $9 a gallon.
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