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  1. this might help someone on here, i ask this before and got no response. wanted to install only the ram air plenum because engine 408c has rpm air gap intake and a spacer under carb and MSD dist. 1/2 inch clearance from top of wingnut to bottom of hood. installed the plenum and the ford racing 13 inch air cleaner fits, just barely, inside the plenum.
  2. i know a lot people cut there springs and put it back together and dont give it a second thought. but i am not one of them. for now i put it back together, do some research on a new set of coils
  3. wanting to cut 1/4 to 1/3 of coil off spring, noticed that the last 1 1/2 of spring is straight. there is a tab on the spring perch, where the end of the coil stops against it. question is cutting end of coil off, removes that straight section off the coil. will it still sit on spring perch correctly. tried to upload pic, it would not
  4. this one from oreilly auto fits inside spring [ top one ]. other one I got from advance auto.
  5. what type of coil spring compressor are you guys using? one I bought one from advance auto is too wide and will not fit inside spring, without having to modify it. have factory service manuals and see how it works with no problems. are you guys removing the plate [ inside the fender } that covers the top half of spring, and using a strut compressor?
  6. have a set of M/T valve covers, what grommets are you guys using for the pvc. was going to use original twist on oil fill cap, will not fit, would have to trim ears of cap to fit, and then would not know if it would lock in place, till I tried it. hate to do that and ruin cap if it does not work.
  7. ok. next question since stock alternator was 60 amp and this new alternator is 95 amp, will the original main wire harness be ok because of the new alternator? car does have factory gauges, was going to pull ammeter and send to rocketman and have converted to volts
  8. ok. next question since stock alternator was 60 amp and this new alternator is 95 amp, will the original main wire harness be ok because of the new alternator?
  9. PA PERFORMANCE 3G upgrade. factory alternator wire harness removed. installed 4 GA wire from alternator to starter solenoid, or does it need to go where the factory installed it? from what I have found this is called the starter distribution block { could be called something else }. or do I leave there 4 GA wire on starter solenoid and run a 2nd wire to the distribution block? not showing in picture is factory wire from alternator. the 2 wires on the distribution block, black/orange stripe go to main harness, goes under radiator and back to firewall. smaller wire goes across shock tower brace
  10. want to change stock alternator to a 1 wire or 3G setup. which is the easiest. car has factory amp gauge, does it need to changed so it can read volts?
  11. nose of car sits a little higher with new engine, aluminum heads and intake, AC removed [ did not work]. if I cut the coils, for every 1/2 coil, how much will it reduce the height? or should I contact eaton spring? like the current ride of car, do not want it to ride harder.
  12. I hope I don't have too, talked to lunati tech line. they thought I would not have to, but was not 100% sure
  13. might have to replace a bad roller cam lifter. do I have to pull head to get lifter out, because of being longer.
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