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  1. changed motor mounts and frame brackets to the 71-72 ones in my 73 mach1, 351c because of headers. went threw 3 set of headers, none fit very good on pass side, because it has a c-6 trans. so I put on 4v manifolds on it. engine sits lower now, but did not have clearance issue with fan shroud, but did not drive car, only started it, new engine. Trailered car to exhaust shop, had new exhaust installed from h-pipe back, after starting car, now fan is rubbing shroud. engine had to settle when I trailered it. how to fix ? 1. put back on 73 style motor mount and frame brackets. 2. shim between block and motor mount or between frame and frame bracket. 3. modify shroud. I loosened shroud its as low as it gets. ideas?
  2. anyone have specialty wheels phone number? not having any luck going to there website.
  3. Sure what are you asking for it I’m in California I think I bought the fold down panels from you a while back PM me your postal code and I will get a shipping cost , pics and info for you if I remember right, the fmx trans crossmember is the same as the c-6 in these cars
  4. call headman headers, they do not list anything with the 351c, c-6 trans combo
  5. 73 mach 1 351c 2v, c-6 auto. this is the second set of headers. first set was dougs and they hit the clam shell motor mounts on both sides. I have since changed the motor mounts and frame brackets to the 71-72 ones. just installed the hooker headers, pass side is so close to the trans pan that it can not be removed and collector is too close to trans causing excess heat to the trans. only thing I know to do is 1 heat the tubes and pull the collector over, 2 cut the collector off at a small angle turn it 180 and reweld it back on, 3 send headers back and put manifolds back on. if car had c-4, fmx, or 4 speed it would not be a problem. any one have suggestions ? :chin:
  6. had a set of dougs headers, had same problem. sent them back and since then pick up the frame brackets and motor mounts in case I changed my mind. ordered and received a set of hookers, hoping they fit without changing mounts.
  7. looking on ebay for dog dish hubcaps, but I seen two different depths 1 inch and 1 7/8 depth. which is correct?
  8. going to install some global west sub frame connectors. seens like the rear sub frame the metal is not as thick as the front sub frame, just worried about burning threw rear sub frame when installing these connectors. anyone had problems with this? best way to weld? run a bead on sub frame then weld on top of first weld to connector?
  9. reason i am asking, got a set of dougs headers and they hit on both motor mounts. so the hookers fit the clam shell mounts?
  10. what headers are you guys running with the stock clam shell motor mounts. 351c
  11. need my tach worked on, to work with msd ready to run dist, no box. how do I get ahold of rocketman?
  12. saying hey to all you ford gear heads. had my first mustang 38 years ago, had several toys over the years, but I allways liked the 71-73 mustangs. got my 73 mach1 about a year ago, just like my first one but a different color. I can be in a bad mood, go out in garage, sit and look at it and it will put a smile on my face every time.
  13. what size speakers fit in the rear package tray without cutting the sheet metal.
  14. does anyone know the size of hole of the hood side of the ram air unit.
  15. have a 408c with edelbrock air gap intake with a 1/2 spacer. if I run the top half of the ram air on the hood, will the air cleaner fit up inside the hole. have a 13 inch air cleaner. have about 1/2 inch between top of wingnut to bottom of hood.
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