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  1. Hi Will E. I took your advice and had some Golden west subframes put in a about a year ago. I had put in a new front steering, tie rods, control arms etc and still felt float and flex. Since the new subframes so much improved handling. Thanks for the suggestion. Since buying in Fall of 2017, I have replaced tires, front end, fuel pump, radiator, heater core, leaf springs, shocks, mufflers (wanted a little more rumble), sub frames, and deep cycle battery (why not). Replaced a lot of gaskets originally as the car sat idle for about 5 years You upgraded your headers and I am torn torn between headers (performance), rims (appearance), or air condition re-install (return to stock). I think what would give me the biggest smile would be headers and interested on your satisfaction with your hooker headers. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the guidance. Looks like the AC is going in and given the Marti Report I just got. See attached.
  3. All, Looking for the pro/cons of reinstalling AC into my 1971 M convertible. The prior owner removed the AC. I need to replace the heating core and am considering re-installing the AC to bring back into stock. Have all of the brackets and will upgrade other components. Would appreciate thoughts from the experts. I would rarely use it as I reside in the Bay Area and drive in fairly temperate conditions. Thanks Todd
  4. Thanks for the advice. I was already looking at the Golden West convert version as well as other shock tower/monte carlo bar for further rigidity. Not a welder so Iguess I'll have to take them to the local speed/muffler shop for some installation assistance. Thanks for the advice. Todd
  5. Hard to imagine these were an aftermarket UPGRADE to Magnum 500's. :D It also has a Grant steering wheel from the same era. ::thumb:: I was seeking a local M-code convertible so you get what you get.
  6. Yes. It has a white Power Top w/Glass Backlite. Can't be original as it is too pristine. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, Picked up my first classic this past Thanksgiving, a 1971 M code convertible which has spent its entire life in the Bay Area (Fresno, Santa Cruz, San Jose). Will restore to the best of my ability to stock appearance with some suspension and engine improvements. A well taken care of vehicle. Had an eight track ( no more), has a honeycomb tail light panel, aftermarket Eagle rims (from San Jose), and aftermarket console gauges, otherwise fairly straight. Have already picked up the eight track on eBay. I'll have some questions along the way, like should I re-install and reconnect the AC? (Not for now I presume). Thanks and here's some pics.... TrophyFish
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