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  1. I have used EZ OFF oven cleaner for lots of different plastics to remove paint. Try on back side to test first.
  2. Not mine, just came across the ad. Thought someone could use it. Marketplace - 1967 Ford 390 FE | Facebook
  3. Welcome from Florida! Funny how the TV show teams like Overhaulin' can strip an old driver and turn it into a showpiece in a week, but real life shops all seem to take over a year!
  4. Cool Weekend Project: 302 Engine Swap in a 1972 Mustang (msn.com)
  5. Hood area is way to big for a pre-cut. You will need to use 3M Knifeless tape and sheet vinyl.
  6. Another nice Vert. Welcome from Florida! Nice garage you got there.
  7. Best Drummer ever! His books are a fantastic read.
  8. 20 Ford Mustang Prototypes That Didn’t Make It To Production (motor-junkie.com)
  9. Marketplace - Mustang Pony | Facebook Thought about getting it for myself, but really nowhere to put this monster.
  10. Quick Shout-Out to Motorcity Mustang for great service. Sent detailed pictures and accurate description of used factory '71 hood chrome and eyebrows. Items packed well and shipped fast. Would do business again.
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