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  1. Tesla's have to be fast...They are ashamed to be seen.
  2. If you are still looking... https://www.ebay.com/itm/71-72-73-Ford-Mustang-L-RH-Deluxe-Door-Panel-Aluminum-Insert-Moldings-Trims-OEM/143562236416?epid=1411123417&hash=item216cf9e200:g:leUAAOSwGIZed6R~&vxp=mtr
  3. 1973machi...How can you have something that looks like this and NOT share any pictures of it in the "Garage"?
  4. Well if we could bring helicopters in to the mix... Two of the coolest ever.
  5. First glance: That looks alot like a late model Mustang!
  6. Quick and dirty, maybe 10 minutes at the most. Was almost ashamed to post it.
  7. Always liked Evan Longoria's car. It was sold and haven't seen it since.
  8. Welcome from Florida. "73 Eliminator ???
  9. First time I have seen someone wear safety glasses to do commentary, then take them off for grinding and drilling. Just an observation.
  10. I have used this on different projects. You can pick your style and color to do the doors, dash trim and horn to match. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wood-Grain-Textured-Vinyl-Wrap-Sticker-Decal-Self-adhesive-Car-Internal-Stickers/264060898091?var=563601231031&hash=item3d7b418b2b:g:ZD4AAOSwnCdb~CPX
  11. Having done quite a few scratch built frame cars both with and without a frame jig, I would suggest bolting the complete suspension as shown until you have a complete roller. Only after you have measured, mounted, shimmed, twisted , massaged, tweaked and aligned, should you do final welding. It's alot easier to un-bolt than un-weld. This is an almost 100 year old frame of questionable dimensional accuracy when built. We had a '28 Tudor that my Grandfather bought new in the family for a long time. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
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