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  1. What is the reason no one makes a "bolt in" subframe connector? A pre-welded one piece X or Ladder style that snugs right up to the floor would be great.
  2. Latest topics and Latest post kind of redundant. Also latest pix (and old ones) take up a lot of the right column. Lots of room there if organized differently.
  3. 130k with commission, wow. Good news, a little cred to the big horse family!
  4. Special car for sure. But once you get past 100k, you're getting into real Shelby money. And at that level it is more of an "investment" decision than a "thats a nice car" decision.
  5. JPEG for those who can't open a TIFF Nice ride! From the good ol' 1/4 mile days before this 1,000 foot nonsense.
  6. Great detective work Secluff! I was skeptical, but it looks so authentic. Fake news indeed.
  7. The VIN and door tag will probably end up on a stolen car, should be put on a watch list.
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