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  1. Lots of seats out there that fit your requirements, but unfortunately 99 percent of them are way too tall and leave no room for your legs. The only seats I found that are comfortable, fit in the car, and are practically unlimited as far as adjustability are mid to late 90's BMW M3 seats. More commonly known as "Vader" seats. You do not want the power ones, too many headaches to install and wire with modules. Look for the manual version where everything adjusts with levers. Pretty cool looking too.
  2. I have used EZ OFF oven cleaner for lots of different plastics to remove paint. Try on back side to test first.
  3. Not mine, just came across the ad. Thought someone could use it. Marketplace - 1967 Ford 390 FE | Facebook
  4. Welcome from Florida! Funny how the TV show teams like Overhaulin' can strip an old driver and turn it into a showpiece in a week, but real life shops all seem to take over a year!
  5. Cool Weekend Project: 302 Engine Swap in a 1972 Mustang (msn.com)
  6. Hood area is way to big for a pre-cut. You will need to use 3M Knifeless tape and sheet vinyl.
  7. Another nice Vert. Welcome from Florida! Nice garage you got there.
  8. Best Drummer ever! His books are a fantastic read.
  9. 20 Ford Mustang Prototypes That Didn’t Make It To Production (motor-junkie.com)
  10. Marketplace - Mustang Pony | Facebook Thought about getting it for myself, but really nowhere to put this monster.
  11. Quick Shout-Out to Motorcity Mustang for great service. Sent detailed pictures and accurate description of used factory '71 hood chrome and eyebrows. Items packed well and shipped fast. Would do business again.
  12. Karma is a bitch. Hummer H2 Driver Hoards Gasoline, Accidentally Burns Down Vehicle (gmauthority.com)
  13. I always thought a cemetery to be a cold, lonely, rigid waste of space. Why not combine it with a golf course? Design in special tracts of land with plots winding around the fairways. Lots of activity and conversation! Dual use land!
  14. Biggest dislike would have to be the tail lights and rear panel. Probably why I cut mine out and started over.
  15. Probably still end up at 300.00 with shipping. Are used OEM better than new Reproduction panels?
  16. Northwoods Shelby Club Spring Fling at Road America - Northwoods Shelby Club (nwshelbyclub.com)
  17. How Ford's Penny-Pinching 'Special Falcon Project' Evolved Into the Legendary Mustang (msn.com)
  18. 255 60 15 rear 235 60 15 front 8 inch wheels 0 offset.
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