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  1. I've done an introduction and thank you for the info about the template. Would like to see pics of the California car and I will post more photos soon.
  2. Would like to get it back on the road. :cool:
  3. Hi, my 73 Mach 1 has just the speedo and the idiot lights pods. I want to add the tach and all the gauges like some of the other Mach 1s. I know NVU has a cluster but I don't want to replace my red running horse high beam indicator with a blue headlight indicator. What have you done to your Mach 1s?
  4. Ranman


    I have a 73 Mach 1 I've owned since 1984. It has Medium Brown Metallic paint and under the hood is the original 351 2V Cleveland but with a different intake and a 4 Barrel Carb. I'm starting to get parts for it and next year will bring it back to the way it's intended to be.
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