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  1. Yes and here is the Info. In pdf form. Is there a particular section I can file this info on this site. For example most of the tractor clubs I belong to have a public file where people upload Technical info such as manuals,photos, etc.. Thanks 302 1971-unibody-dims-2.pdf 1971-unibody-dims.pdf
  2. Hi there guys thought I would share these pages since I have them out. I have two unibody dimension prints. One is from the ford service manual. The second is from an old aftermarket unibody dimension book. Download the photos let me know if you can read them if not PM me Enjoy
  3. Hi there looks great. A question does anyone know what that -10 on the base line represents. I measured mine a few years back came out really good. used a tram gauge, ruler, level, plumb bob, and frame hanging gauges.
  4. Hi there. From what the pictures is telling me the welds look like there just sitting on top. No penetration. Do a lap weld is ok just as long as both sides are sealed. Butt weld would be much Better. Bite the bullet pick up some behind the seat pants and do it right.cut out old metal and install new with a good structural weld.
  5. Hi folks started working the stang after a 4 year break. I had these dims on file i can not find them. was wondering if you guys can help me out. Just to let you know i borrowed these two picture s from this site to show where i need the dims. My car is the last pic. Painted black Thanks 302
  6. 71 thru 73 quarter window glass. Not looking to retire early with this sale. Buyer pays shipping make offer on one or all let me know what letter glass your interested in. I have 10 pieces web site will o nly allow so many to up load Thanks 302
  7. Hi I have a headlight assembly buy one buy all 140.00 buyer pays shipping
  8. Hi there its 500.00 for the cleaner does have some rust on bottom. Firm thanks 302
  9. Hi I have a ram air air cleaner orignal ford. The base,lid,and snorkel. The base does have rust on bottom. No holes. I have many more pictures avaiable if interested. PM me. Item in CT. Thanks
  10. get in your truck and make a road trip one weekend you can drive up and drive back
  11. Hi there I have a bunch of body and frame parts up for sale would like to sell as one lot but will part out left and right fender, fastback roof, some frame rail pieces, trunk hinges, front valance, rear deck shock mounts, tranny mount,fender pieces, roof would be good for the skin. buy everything for 250.00. Thanks 302429c I am in ct prefer locate pick up I can send more pictures
  12. Hi there I am in ct selling a bunch of 71-73 mustang sheet metal parts would like to find one buyer who will take everything 250.00 firm check out my craigs list ad thanks 302429c if interested in the entire lot pm or call https://hartford.craigslist.org/pts/d/mustang-partstakes-all-items/6638643470.html
  13. Hi there ouch that looks like it hurt. I would check to see how square your frame rails are. Use a to tape to X it out. Measure from one corner to the other vise versa opposite side. try to get as much square and level as possible before cutting out the damaged area. Also would be a good idea to brace up the back once everything is square and level. if you have a parts car take dims off of that to compare good luck
  14. I ended up installing two full length pans on each side of the transmission tunnel and two 1970 back pans came out pretty good. it was a few years after I did all the work dynacorn finally made the one piece pan.
  15. Hi there I did not have any more time in 2016 to complete the rear end of The car. After I posted the picture of the quarter I continued doing other repairs to the car. So I am hoping this year I will have some spare time to finishing hanging all the rear sheet metal and get it tacked up. Will see
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