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  1. If you ordered from CJpony, expect the front bumper bolt eyelets to need a little drilling as well as the rear bumper. I just installed both, the rear is only about 1/8 or so off centered and the front is off right to left as well as as off from front to back. The front passenger side needs to have the bolt eyelets opened up to move the bumper back a little towards the grill. I am still playing with it but looks like I will have to do a little more expanding of the bolt eyelet to make it fit better. I have a 73 by the way. Tom
  2. My hood trim is short as well, I have begun adding body fill to the ends (both of them), sanding and then adding some more a few days later to extend them. @PNWMach1, where did you buy your hood molding? As it is, I have almost no body filler and even though I am adding a little at a time to my hood molding, I would rather not have too. Thanks Trevynd. your car is looking great, keep it up. Tom
  3. Thanks Geoff, when I put vice grips on mine, for some reason. maybe because it was harbor freight vice grips, they kept slipping. I remember you mentioned that method before so thanks for the info. Tom
  4. So I recently added a rear spoiler (verified it was no backwards) to my fastback and as I expected, the placement of the torsion bar(s) would not hold the trunk open. Searches in the site showed homemade tools and the classic cougar site had the tool available but most said it didn't work. I made my own and it worked perfectly and took about 1 minute to drill and about 5 seconds to adjust the torsion bar. Home depot 12 inch mending plate $4.00. Drill a hole at one end, closer to one side (about 3/8 from one side), oval out this hole to get a little grip if you need it. Drill another about 2 5
  5. That looks great, very nice. You should be proud of the work you have put into it. Congratulations. Tom
  6. I installed mine with all of the windows in. I used a stick on sound deadener so no idea about the stock sound deadener. I still have to install my sail panels and actually may remove my rear windshield to do it properly, I have put on some weight since retirement and it is a tight fit for me to get the sail panels on. Good luck, if you come up with any helpful hints to install the sail panels, please let us know. Tom
  7. Great job, at this point, I would put the rear valance on and check for proper fitment. When I did mine, I did not do that and I ended up grinding out the welds at the tail panel, removing the section that goes from the quarter panel to the trunk drop off and making that piece more narrow so that my quarter panel and rear extension would line up properly and my valance would fit and have less of a gap between it and the quarter panel before welding that piece back in. You are doing a great job on your car and I have been following it, keep up the good work. Tom
  8. Honestly, at times, I wish I could. But, we have been married for 36 years and at this point I think it is "cheaper to keep her". Great advice though, thanks. Tom
  9. Crap, I guess I am going to have to pass on this, my wife said no more parts till I recover from all the money she spent for Christmas. I appreciate you looking up the shipping and for offering this console at this price. Sorry for taking your time up on this but I have to keep the wife happy right now brother. Tom
  10. Thank you, I will check back to see you you have any additional info. I appreciate it. Tom
  11. Can you check shipping rates to 30907, I have been looking for one in good shape. Thanks. Tom
  12. Jeff, PM sent about the bellhousing. Thanks brother. Tom
  13. Tom,  I have 2 bell housings.  I'll take pics and let you decide if you want either.   Should have the pics some time tomorrow.  I'll estimate shipping and let you know what I find.  

    1. vintageman


      Thanks JSOK, I appreciate it. 



  14. How about the bell housing, I have some good chips on mine and have been thinking about changing it out. My zip code is 30907 for shipping costs. Thanks. Tom
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