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  1. So sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in our prayers. Tom
  2. Looking at alternator wiring pics now that I have the right harness, I see something in a diagram that I don't recognize. Anyone know what this is and where I can get one? I have a 1973 with center ammeter gauge. Thanks. Tom
  3. After a little more moving the trans jack and fine tuning, everything lined up and the trans is now installed. Thanks everyone for your advice and assistance on this. Tom
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses, got it mounted this morning with good converter spacing. Then when turning the converter to align the flexplate and converter, found out that the bolt holes do not line up. The holes in the converter are about 1/16 low or a little more that will not let me get the converter bolts in properly. I spun the converter around to see if any of the holes would align and none do. Nothing is binding, I can reach in through the starter area of the bellhousing and turn the converter. I only have 2 bolts in the bellhousing right now, I wanted to check for binding fi
  5. Good evening everyone, I have a question about my new Hughes 38-25 stall converter from Summit and FMX installation. I installed the converter into the trans and felt 2 good clicks, could not really tell if there was a 3rd or not. With the converter installed in the trans, I put a straight edge across the bellhousing, I get about 1/8 inch between the straight edge and the center snout of the converter and about 1 inch from the straight edge to the bolt holes on the mounting tabs. Does this sound like it is fully installed and I have enough clearance? Also, it looks like the bolts that th
  6. My prayers are with you and your family. Tom
  7. Thanks for the suggestion David, something to definitely think about adding. Tom
  8. Thank you brother, I appreciate it. That picture clears it up now. Tom
  9. I am about to install my standard door panels and armrests and came across this part on the NPD site. It is called an armrest clip but can't find the location for it to be installed? Anyone have any pics or know where this clip goes? Thanks. Tom
  10. Looks and sounds great, thanks for sharing. It gives me more motivation on mine. Tom
  11. Does anyone have an opinion on the best front and rear u-joints. I have an FMX auto trans and 3.55 gears if that matters. Installing the trans tomorrow and hopefully the driveshaft as well. Thanks in advance. Tom
  12. Thanks so much brother, I appreciate the pic and the clarification on this one. I do have the pre-bent ones but to be honest, I installed them on my transmission since it's still on the bench and looked at the front end of the tubes and they both looked like they could go to either top of bottom on the radiator. I had been drinking but I don't think that was the issue, classic lines has not really impressed me with their pre-bent lines lately. Thanks again. Tom
  13. Thanks Don, I appreciate the quick response. I will make sure that I tape the extra wire at the alternator up real good. Appreciate the link to the noise suppressor as well. Tom
  14. I installed my engine last weekend and am starting on installing the wiring harness. The alternator I have now is a 40 amp autolite. The harness has 3 wires at the alternator side and 3 wires plus the plug to the voltage regulator. From diagrams and pics on this site, because I have an guages and a tach, I think only 2 wires should be connected to the alternator and the STA should be unplugged. Is this correct? Also, at the other end, pics show a noise reduction capacitor, does anyone have a good source for these? Thanks in advance? Tom
  15. As I am nearing the installation of my FMX trans, I have new lines to install as well. Does anyone have a pic or two for the correct routing of the lines and which line goes toward the top of the radiator and location on the transmission? This car was missing everything when I got it, so all advice is really appreciated. BTW, if needed, it is a 1973 (72 engine), 351C with the stock type radiator. Thanks in advance. Tom
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