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  1. Very nice. Great pics and car you have there. Tom
  2. Started my freshly rebuilt 351 Cleveland 2V on an engine run stand to break the cam in today. Started first turn over and never stalled. Ran it at about 2500 RPMs for 30 minutes, temp gauge was right around 180ish, Oil Pressure started around 80 and dropped down to about 70 when it got warmed up. Next up is to dial in the timing and carb for best performance. Here is a short 1 minute video I posted to YouTube earlier. Tom https://youtu.be/C-2toibQvPM
  3. Very nice looking car there, I am sure you will enjoy it. Congratulations. Tom
  4. Did you remove the metal part of the top dash that has the speaker grill holes in it (also has the VIN plate). Once that is removed, the dash pad attaches to that part and is then reinstalled and the 5 or so screws go in the front to secure it to the dash itself. Pulling out the metal part can be a pain because of the metal clips toward the windshield are so tight but a quick pull from the drivers side then another from the passenger side and the whole thing comes out. Your dash pad should have some studs in it that will mate with the holes on the metal part of the top dash and then there are
  5. Sorry to hear that, I hope everything works out. Good luck.
  6. I have the black TMI standard upholstery and it came out great in my opinion. Fit and looks good. Tom
  7. Thanks again MIdlife, I checked the bolt and it is not broken. What you describe for separating the plugs is basically what I have been doing so far but will continue to try. After almost 50 years of being connected, these things are really stuck. I can move the entire plug assembly back and forth, up and down in the metal plate, but have not been able to get any separation between the male and female plug. I will keep at it though, thanks. Tom
  8. Thanks Midlife, as far as the bolt coming out, I put a socket on it and it came loose right away. It was not stuck or super tight at all. I checked per one of your previous posts about the clip that holds the bolt in and like you said, it was missing. I have not checked the end of the bolt to see if it was broken, that would explain a lot. If it is broken, I guess I will have to wait to remove it until I remove the dash later this summer. Thanks, I appreciate the assistance. Tom
  9. Here are a couple pics of what I can see. I do think that the tabs are missing because I can't see or feel any types of locking tabs and the plug still refuses to separate. There is a lot of play where I can pull the plug through the metal plate and see almost the whole assembly. I have never had this much problem separating a simple plug like this. Thanks for any suggestions. Tom
  10. OK, I am starting to feel like a dumbass, for some reason I still cannot get this plug separated so I can remove the harness. I see that David posted pics of the green plug separated, but I do not see the Tabs to press to separate them. Anyone got a close up pic of the tabs. Thanks and end the end, I know that it is probably going to be so simple and really make me feed stupid. I appreciate the assistance as always. Tom
  11. Thanks Midlife, will give it another shot this weekend. I appreciate the quick response. Tom
  12. Finally getting back to this after a long year of focusing on other things. I took the captive bolt loose and it came completely out, wasn't captive at all. The green plug is loose in the metal bracket but refuses to come completely out of the metal bracket. The green plug has a lot of play to lift up on but I can't get it away from the bracket, what am I missing? I did notice that when I pulled up on the top of the green plug, a couple small pieces of green plastic fell out so I did not really try to pry or pull real hard. The fuse block portion came loose and hangs down after the bolt came o
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