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  1. Those pictures are just what I needed. Time to pull that trigger. I agree as well, if it doesn' fit I can just resell.
  2. It's on a 71. I found this on eBay. And in my opinion looms like the bolt holes would match up and has the curve for the motor.
  3. I have been pitting together the AC heater vacuum controls and thought I had an extra wire. Turns out I am completely missing a whole vacuum motor. After searching i located a reman vacuum motor and learned that their a'l the same except for one. However the bolts run parallel with the motor so I think I'm missing the brackets on the heater box too. I'v circled the part I'm missing in the diagram.
  4. So a new thermostat and fresh coolant seemed to solve to issue. I assume i just had a large air pocket or the thermostat was causing issues. But iv got heat for winter and that's all I care about.
  5. I will pick up a correct thermo from napa and refill the system in the morning. It s been about 65 degrees here for the last few weeks. Nothing too cold.
  6. That post was a good read for sure. No overheating. it does take forever to warm up the motor. But after some decent searching I also found i dont even have the proper thermostat. The car runs just fine just cant get any coolant to flow through the heater hoses and I'm 100% positive it not clogged. The thermostat I pulled out was a 180.
  7. Just for giggles I put a tube on the port and blew into it. Pushed the water through and back up into the block. It wouldn' drain because it turns up to the t stat not down into the block. So now I' back to square one with why I have no heat in the heater core. Perhaps I had a bigger air bubble than I thought.
  8. That was also my initial thought. I figured i had air trapped in the system. So I completely dumped the system before pouring water into that port. The port refuses to drain into the block.
  9. I was getting no heat from heater core. So i pulled the hoses and flushed both ways with no issues. So I dumped water into the port that goes into the block and the water goes nowhere it just sits. Is this port clogged? Does the engine need to be running for it to push coolant through?
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