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  1. almost finished with 73 kit. Will post pix to add to confusion. Next is 71 Boss 351 kit with 4 or 5 engine choices including 428cj. Will also post pix from newly acquired 9-70 Motor Trend with cover photo of 71 Mach 1 and much info. What I really want to know(sounds like Lenny Kravitz) IS THE E-MAIL address so I can post photos attachments etc. No scarfing please as I am tech naught (as in 0) thak you Ron
  2. Started in on building 73 mustang 3-1 kit which had raised confusion about grand american designation on kit box. While perusing decals came across American Racing Association. Will look into this further as according to kit instructions it used a boss 429 mill. Recently purchased 71 boss 351 kit which offers a choice of cleveland,fe,429wedge and 429 boss. It just keeps getting more and more interesting as to where info is sourced from. Also purchased original Motor Trend from 9-1970 with cover photo and story of new 71 stangs. Excellent and comp reviews listing all standard and optional equip
  3. i mixed Tope with old snopes team which really did not exist. Good old car and driver. Much thanks for the leads great pix and info
  4. I viewed these pix on google images and you will see one that is a pic of a model box with a brown 73 on box. Side panel shows image of supposed Grand American #15 in sorta brown color. Anyone seen or heard of such one? RON
  5. Recently purchased model of 1973 3-1 kit. It shows a pic of a 1973 Grand American mustang. My research so far shows no such ting. Only reference was to Warren snopes. Even looked in my Dust and Glory book still naught. Suggestions PUHLEASE !!!!! :P If I knew how to do attatchments photos etc believe me I would :huh:
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