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  1. Welcome JamestheJameson. You have a good looking car and an excellent starter car. You will be able to learn quite a bit about your car on this website as there are numerous members who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on our cars. Have fun and best of luck. 1Goldcjmach
  2. That would be great RocketFoot. Thanks
  3. Got the Mustang shirt today and it’s awesome. My wife wants one now. Are there any shirts left? Need a large. Great design and great job. Thanks to all who made this possible. 1Goldcjmach
  4. Hello St Louis area noobie and welcome. If you are in need of any parts for your restoration , there is a parts guy in your area that I know. He has collected parts for many years and has several warehouses full of OEM and NOS parts. PM me and I can send you contact information. Good luck on your project as I’m sure it will be top rate. 1Goldcjmach
  5. Welcome from Southwestern Indiana 1goldcjmach
  6. Hi David So sorry to learn of your health situation. I too have issues from not taking care of myself when I was younger. I do have a suggestion for you. I have several friends who have issues with chronic pain and back pain and they started taking CBD oil. Don’t know if you can purchase it in your state but it might be worth a try. My friends swear by it. One has been able to stop taking pain pills altogether. Good luck David and be careful. 1goldcjmach
  7. Welcome from a Southwestern Indiana. 1goldcjmach
  8. Welcome from Southwestern Indiana. Glad to have you aboard. 1goldcjmach
  9. Car is fastback. I ran across some for coupe but different part. Thanks for reply. 1goldcjmach
  10. Hello I am looking for the drivers side rear quarter window trim in Ginger. Car is 73 and part number is D3ZB-6351755-A. If anyone has this please send a PM. Also looking for a set of NOS rear bumper guards. Thanks 1goldcjmach
  11. Totally awesome Paul. You and your son did a wonderful job on your restoration. You took the time and did it right. Thank you for sharing it with us on the forum. We look forward to viewing more shots of the stang. 1goldcjmach
  12. Welcome JRANGER from Southwestern Indiana. 1goldcjmach
  13. Welcome Wildbill from Southwest Indiana. Glad to have you aboard. 1goldcjmach
  14. Welcome from Southwestern Indiana. Glad you found this stable to corral all of your stangs. 1goldcjmach
  15. Sorry for your bad luck 72Hcode. I had brakes fail on my 96 F250. Luckily I was still on my driveway. I ended up changing all brake lines and the master. Glad no one got hurt. There will be better days coming up. 1goldcjmach
  16. Welcome Verdeena from Southwestern Indiana. You have joined a great group of enthusiasts for the 71-73 stangs. You can get all the information and advice you need to get your stang up and running like a new one. Great to have you aboard. 1 goldcjmach
  17. Welcome mustangsally from Southwestern Indiana. Your car is beautiful. I always like black cars and especially 71-73. 1goldcjmach
  18. Welcome country boy from Southwestern Indiana. Send some pics of the stangs. 1goldcjmach
  19. Thanks rackerm but the knobs you have listed are for the latch on the front seats and what I am looking for is the knob for the rear fold down seat latch. I think it is different than the front seat latches. 1goldcjmach That's fine, but the pair I have are the chrome metal levers and not the black plastic front knobs for the seat adjustment lever like the picture below. I had a set of those and sold them a while back. Glad Jeff has one for you. Thanks again for the help. Jeff came through with the knob and it's been ordered. Good luck with selling yours. 1goldcjmach
  20. I have a pair listed on eBay. They are the type used on 71 years with the center latch, which is not exactly the same as the ones used on 73.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/142712675696?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks rackerm but the knobs you have listed are for the latch on the front seats and what I am looking for is the knob for the rear fold down seat latch. I think it is different than the front seat latches. 1goldcjmach
  21. Hello I am in search of the chrome knob or handle that is on the rear seat latch of the fold down seat for 73 Mach 1. I have a very good latch but need this knob. Would appreciate any help in locating one. Thanks 1goldcjmach
  22. Welcome from Southwestern Indiana.
  23. Welcome Busted Knucks from Southwestern Indiana. Yes the 71 is an excellent car for your son to learn about auto work. Keep us updated on progress. 1goldcjmach
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