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  1. Thank you mustang7173. 1goldcjmach
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Ozcoupe72. It's warmer there than it is here. Deepfreeze :D 1goldcjmach
  3. Welcome rotorr22 from Southwestern Indiana.
  4. George, I thought I had a separate set of ginger side panels, but unfortunately I only have a complete set-up with Fold-down. My black ones are a complete set also, but those panels are not in good shape either (one has speaker holes and the others are detioriated ). Let me see if I have any individual sets in the cars out back when I can get in there (right now the plowed snow is higher than the fence I can't open the gate). Thanks Motorcity Mustang The ginger panels that touch the trap door look good but like you said the other ginger panels or at least the passenger side panel has a speaker hole. I might be interested in the fold down panels but wouldn't need the seats. Would you have the sheet metal braces and brackets out of a folding seat car? This is a changeover to a fold down seat. Thanks 1goldcjmach
  5. Thank you for the welcome Lars DK73 1goldcjmach
  6. Thank you Stanglover. I guess you are cold up there being North of Erie Pa. and all that snow. Keep the fire burning. Spring is not far away. Are you close to Woodbridge? 1goldcjmach Thanks my new friend. Woodrbidge is about 190 to 200 miles as it's about 180 to Toronto and Woodbridge is near Vaughn, north of TO. Do you have friends or family there? Not to get to much into personal info. As for temps, it is supposed to go above freezing tomorrow, so all heck will break lose on the roads with slush and ice. I may fire my Mustang up though just to run fuel and oil through it. Me again Stanglover No family in Woodbridge. Had tried to purchase some 73 parts from individual there but had no luck sending payment up there. I just saw that this Thursday it will be 61 here. Awesome. I might have to fire up my FB also. 1goldcjmach
  7. Thank you Stanglover. I guess you are cold up there being North of Erie Pa. and all that snow. Keep the fire burning. Spring is not far away. Are you close to Woodbridge? 1goldcjmach
  8. Thank you for the welcome Luxstang. 1goldcjmach
  9. Thanks for the info OMS. I will keep this in mind if I can't find an NOS 1goldcjmach
  10. I also bid you a warm thank you from southwestern Indiana OMS. Temp this morning about like yours. Heat wave today. Going to be 36 and up in the 50s this week. What a change. 1goldcjmach
  11. Thank you will e. I am planning on the pics as soon as I can. 1goldcjmach
  12. Thank you for the welcome Musti.
  13. Thank you for the welcome 71 gbvert.
  14. Thanks for the welcome JD79.
  15. Thank you for the worldwide welcome Vinnie.
  16. Hello Fabrice and thank you for the welcome. I didn't realize that 71-73 mustangs were appreciated worldwide. This is great. 1goldcjmach
  17. Thank you 73pony I have looked for a gold glo for sometime now and finally found one in good condition to restore. Looking forward to posting pictures. 1goldcjmach
  18. Hi Motorcity Mustang You can either send the pictures to a PM or to my email, gbarnett1999@att.net I could possibly be interested in the other interior quarter panels in ginger that go from the back seat to the door jamb that the seat belt comes through. Mine are in excellent condition except for speaker holes. Thanks 1goldcjmach George
  19. Looking for 1973 FB NOS right rear quarter panel. Also need both interior rear quarter panels that are next to the trap door on fold down seat. I have ginger interior. If anyone has these items please send a PM. Thanks 1goldcjmach
  20. Hello Ray I have a 73 Mach 1 Q code car. I am trying to determine if it has the original engine. It is a 351 4V. The casting number is D2AE-CA with a date stamp of 2D18 which tells me it is a CJ engine which was cast April 18, 1972. The vin stamp on the rear left side of block is 2A268999. I'm not sure if an engine cast in April of 72 woul have been put in a car built in March of 73. The vin stamp on rear of block does not correlate to the vin on the dash which is what I thought it was supposed to do. Any help would be appreciated. 1goldcjmach
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