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  1. I am having trouble downloading the pictures to the computer off my phone 757 617 3493 txt me or email me greg3005@icloud.com please
  2. Can i get your personal email, very tedious to load photos here. its me i know
  3. This is the rolling frame corresponds to the brown vin, The other has the 351 cleveland c6 transmission My you tube channel had a video Greg Barone
  4. I have 2 71 Mach I in Suffolk VA, One is a shell, the other is driveable 351 Cleveland C6 transmission. My son was going to restore taking the drivetrain from the one with more rust issues into the shell. However, he became ill has recovered but in school. I am disabled and unable to do the work. how to upload a image [/url] upload my image on image website
  5. If you can, please provide some basic information. Location If either of the cars are complete Boss or 429 cars, I will come tow them away for free, as those gas guzzlers have no value. :cool: kcmash Good luck towing across the pond !
  6. i have 2 71 Mach I for sale they need restoration
  7. i am new i have 2 71 mach that my son was supposed to restore, he became ill, now in school, i am disabled need to sell them
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