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  1. I'm just off 279 on Evergreen Rd in North Hills area. Being originally from Erie County, I'm familiar with Slippery Rock.
  2. Just an FYI that I am now located in North Pittsburgh, PA.
  3. During my recent 2200 mile vacation I took the notion to do an overdue visit with my great phone buddy Jeff in Nashville and Roy Tnfastbk in Knoxville TN. Jeff has been extremely helpful and generous in my 73 build over the years and this visit was way overdue. His 408 build is in a word WOW! We took the car to the muffler shop to get his 3 inch stainless system installed and of course had to test the noise levels of the new set up. The setup in my opinion is perfect. Not too loud when up to speed as we had great conversations in the car. But with the windows down and in the gas the whole neighborhood can here that animal coming from a mile away. I had a great time helping Jeff wrench on the car with a few odds and ends and really wish I had more time to spend. It's a brave man that allows a stranger to go at his car with a 4 1/2 grinder with a cutting blade attached! Jeff and Roy are perfect hosts and even though Roy had just undergone elbow surgery 6 days before we had a great visit (wished I'd have taken pictures with Roy though) he was as usual very upbeat. Tennessee has 2 great ambassadors to our hobby. Many thanks to you both. Had a great time! :thankyouyellow: Mark
  4. 73.... let me assist you with an update in information. I was one of the people you spake of regarding ObamaCare... ACA is the political correct version. By compliance choosing the term ACA, you are empowering their effort. We designed the program and if for a minute you BELIEVE your doctor is a good guy or lady...THINK AGAIN!!! My own doctor turned on me after an accident, while staging the medical interaction to PREVENT me from getting funded by my insurance company while charging ME direct. DOCTORS are given options and they choose those by the funds available to make a living. Simple greed funded by inside deals with the government. I was able to manage my interaction due to my knowledge and came out with only a 1000.00 loss then promptly FIRED my "sweet caring doctor". This was my specialty, I made a ton of money off of the dumb public!!!! Hey! I'm the public. :@
  5. I know that over the years Don has sent these folks many parts to try and get them reproduced at the expense of not selling them. Not man people would be willing to do that. Thanks Don! :udaman:
  6. If you change the frame mounts to pre 73, the engine mounts are cheap and readily available at most car part stores.
  7. If you curb your drinking a little your hands won't shake and spill the DOT 3 and get on the paint. :P
  8. Is Mel comming with him ? I think it is her saw :angel: I have 2. She only has 1. :dodgy:
  9. Welcome from another North Carolinian.
  10. So I guess I need to understand how a backfire creates that kind of damage on 2 different cylinders.
  11. I don't think the timing did that. Pretty sure you have some other issues as well.
  12. Here you are. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-mustang-coil-spring-compressor?highlight=spring+compressor
  13. There is a compressor designed for our springs. Several members, including myself, have made them. I can either loan you mine or give you the design to build your own. The inside compressor is extremely unsafe on our cars. Let me know.
  14. Isn't this the same car we have seen about 3 times in the last 2 years? I recall questioning the A/C vents.
  15. Rember. Don't fire until the count of ten has been issued!
  16. I remember that Cudak was still looking for one. He'll probably be Dons first sale.
  17. Core in need of a complete rebuild I'm afraid. Everything needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and evaluted for damage.Then buy the complete differential rebuild kit.
  18. Don't run a higher stall than highway driving rpm's. You'll fry your clutches.
  19. You are THE man - respect on this! Tim Respect for a 23 year old version of me, perhaps. I was 6'1 180 pounds and not an ounce of fat on me at the time. I could barely swim as my body would sink in fresh water. I no longer have a problem floating-if you painted me red and white I'd look like a fishing bobber I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole! :P
  20. 2 years longer than the Mustang. When it went to the body shop I went out and found the Mustang to keep me busy. ;) Well you know me. Beat it like you own it! :P
  21. There are NO FOREIGN CARS in Marks driveway! :dodgy: It's a 496 short block with my old 67 427 closed chamber heads. Cobalt Blue with Platinum Siver
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