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  1. Hello All Does anyone have 1972 Tan steering wheel with horn pad you would sale and post to uk at my cost please , if so please send picture and price you would like . Thank you Nigel
  2. Hello all Has anyone got 72 tan steering wheel pad and horn assemble you would like to sale and post to uk at my cost . Thanks Nige
  3. Hello All can anyone tell me if or how to adjust window seals as in pictures. Thanks Nige
  4. Thank You have ordered 3 switches from cj pony.
  5. Hi All Hello all from the UK , I am looking to buy the driver door chrome 4 switch unit if anyone has one you would like to sale and post to the UK please. Thanks Nige
  6. Hello All can you replace the rear quarter seals without taking the windows out any info and pictures will be great. Nige
  7. Nothing to do with me found this on ebay in uk https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang-Olympic-sprint-302-V8/264458352879?hash=item3d92f238ef:g:P9gAAOSwjapddUwg a bit rotten you will have to be brave
  8. Thanks for that about to replace the cylinders and shoes but only has 2" shoes in at present ? last owner
  9. Hello All Can anyone tell me what size rear drum brake and shoe size a 1973 mach 1 351 cleveland would have come with. drum size shoe width here is picture of my brakes now just trying to work out if has right size shoes in . Thanks Nige
  10. Hi All Does anyone have an alloy transmission pan for c6 you would like to sale and post to uk . Thanks Nige
  11. Just an update turned out to be the ignition coil expanding and braking circuit when hot and shrinking back and working fine when cold. runs great now no stalling at all.
  12. Vacuum leak. If idle at full operating temp is set at 1000rpm (think that's what you meant) it is way too high for typical operation. 650 -700rpm is more like it. Once had same condition and it turned out to be intake manifold gasket leak which took months to eliminate all other possibilities before changing the gasket and resolving the issue. Hope yours turns out to be carb gasket or vacuum hose before it gets to that. Thanks i will look into the manifold gasket
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