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  1. I touched up a small spot where I chipped the paint on the edge of the hood, adjusted the hood alignment, and removed the rim-blow steering wheel and replaced it with a 13 inch black and chrome Grant.
  2. Thanks fellows! So far, I love this Mach 1. It is only the second car that I have ever bought. I have had lots of trucks, but finally figured I needed a car!
  3. UPS dropped them off late this morning. Everything was in there. Kentucky Mustang delivered as promised. Before: After: Before it had 225 in front and 235 in back. The new 235 front and 275 rear look a lot better, to me. Those wheels that were on there when I bought it did not look right at all. Sits about 3/4 inch higher now.
  4. Kevin, Click on this link: http://www.7173mustangs.com/misc.php?page=1972 Scroll down to the chart which lists the engine code letters for the various engines. Jeff
  5. There is a blasphemous drink out there called "Diet RC". On the moon pies, I like to pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, then put a blob of butter on top. The moon pies swell up to at least double their thickness, as the marshmallow melts and expands. Good stuff!
  6. I should receive my wheels and tires today, so hopefully will have more pictures by tomorrow. Plenty of RC in Middle and West Tennessee as well! A few years ago, 2006 I believe, RC introduced RC Draft in ten ounce glass bottles. That was the stuff! I was drinking two cases per week, until July 18th, when I had a massive heart attack. Not the fault of the RC at all, just my overall lifestyle. Anyway, can't find the draft at all now, and would not go back to my old "drinking days", but would still enjoy one on special occasions.
  7. No joke. I was cutting down some small trees for my Dad, and had forgotten to tie my beard behind my neck. One side got caught. it snatched off about two inches. I was fueling the burn barrel making hickory coals when I looked down and my beard was melting away, smoking. I quickly slapped it with my palm and stopped the damage. I once got it caught between the drill body and the chuck on an electric drill. It wound up quickly, but the drill was a reversible model, so I backed it back out. jeff
  8. I will hang the original steering wheel up in the garage. I think it should be kept near the car. Jeff
  9. I love the '73 mach One I bought almost two weeks ago. Got some small parts i needed installed already. The wheels and tires should be here later today. I want to change the steering wheel. It now has the factory rim-blow wheel, but I want a bit smaller diameter with a fatter gripping area. I want something pretty easy to swap. I ain't a mechanic. I work on guns, and figure that a steering wheel swap should not be too big of a deal. Just trying to perfect my Mustang! Any good ideas from you fellows?
  10. Thank you, Sir. The beard was uneven at that time. I had lost about two inches off the right side in a chainsaw last winter. Got it evened back up now, as I burnt a bit off the end of the left side barbequing a hog back in May.
  11. Thank you, Sir. Growing up the son of a Baptist minister, I never did drink alcohol, but I will throw down a cold RC Cola from time to time!
  12. More expensive per gallon than premium, but lots of fun! Jeff
  13. Thanks Gentlemen. I ordered a set of 235 and 275/60s on 15x7 and 15x8 rims. Should have them here tomorrow. I found them at Kentucky Mustang parts. They had them in stock. The magnum 500 wheels, center caps, mounted, balanced, lug nuts, and shipping was $1115. Jeff
  14. Summit was showing the 235s, but when i spoke with the salesman on the phone, he said they had none. I will call Kentucky Mustang tomorrow. Thanks fellers! Jeff
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