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  1. Very late into the game here. I do not post much, and don't like to be confrontational. Back in the day they were totally exciting. Why? The big three were the game in town for us under 25. We did not go to the BMW or Porsche dealership. I don't know if we even had one. The Japanese cars were not on the same par in quality at the time, and so if you were a car person, they were not on your "list". I was thrilled when I got my 71 Mustang. Would have got a 429 but could not afford it. Were they a great car by today's standards... no, but that was not the time. Enjoy today's cars today
  2. Wonderfully optioned car. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Don and Steve. Both great suggestions. I have four dealers to re create and have only seen the one plate for Coletto. No template for the other three after years of searching. It made me appreciate the many many dealers that have come and gone over the years, especially in smaller communities. I may go with my own template for each, realizing there may be no "true" ones left out there.
  4. For several years I have been on the hunt for a dealer script or license plate frame for my boss 1, without success. Frank Coletto Ford, Harbour City CA. Missed one on eBay about 9 months ago. If anyone came across one would very much appreciate the lead. Thanks in advance.
  5. Totally agree. If these things are wrong, they will only be the start of a longer list. I would keep looking.
  6. Welcome from Calgary. This is the place to help you move it to the next level. Can you tell us more of its history with your dad?
  7. Welcome from a fellow Albertan. Good job in carrying on your fathers work.
  8. Welcome from your "neighbor" in Calgary. Great to hear you can carry on your fathers focus. I suspect he would be very glad. Post some pics when it is out and about.
  9. Now to get it out for the season
  10. So sorry to see this happen to you. As others have said however is most importantly you were not hurt. All the best in working through the evaluation and getting repairs in place.
  11. Given it's history and mileage I would also personally keep the appearance as original as possible. If internal modifications can be made to make it a better running car, I would consider those changes.
  12. When I purchased my new mustang in August 71 metro Ford still had three unsold 70 boss 9's, including one of the 16 pastel blue/black ones. I was told they were impossible to sell.
  13. Welcome from the frozen north.

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