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  1. I never recall a vinyl roof on any sprint car or their advertising back in the day.
  2. Does anyone know what happened with this car?
  3. Thanks for sharing. Add me to the list of "love to have it". If it really is the original drive train, where will you find another. Never seen another scj hardtop survivor. Good thing it isn't red.
  4. Don't forget the price of the warehouse to put it all in.
  5. Would love to bring a car if travel restrictions are lifted, but it is a long way from Calgary, so will likely have to settle for an airline ticket.
  6. I have had a number of sets restored here: https://finishyourplates.com/ Excellent work. Sharper than new.
  7. Hello and welcome from Alberta. Great car. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Our convertibles definitely need to be given the respect of a lethal weapon. Heck all of our cars are not far off.
  9. Posted by a family friend. I do not have any other details on the car at this point, One family owned. Has been a summer driver for many years. Remember it is posted in Cdn. dollars, so looks to be priced pretty well. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/mustang-convertible/1524933272
  10. Very late into the game here. I do not post much, and don't like to be confrontational. Back in the day they were totally exciting. Why? The big three were the game in town for us under 25. We did not go to the BMW or Porsche dealership. I don't know if we even had one. The Japanese cars were not on the same par in quality at the time, and so if you were a car person, they were not on your "list". I was thrilled when I got my 71 Mustang. Would have got a 429 but could not afford it. Were they a great car by today's standards... no, but that was not the time. Enjoy today's cars today, and tomorrow tomorrow. I can only imagine what will be said about a 2020 Mustang in 40 years, if they care.
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