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    At first glance I thought How did he get a pic of my old girl ? Then saw it’s not convertible,the interior is slightly different(console with cup holders)ashtray & door panels. Mine is still original down to the wheel coverings. Is there no metal fender trim on yours? Same colour,with a gold fleck though. My top is colour-coded...dark brown
  1. Well shoot! Guess I’d better go back to the Mustang Facts and read it again! I have the Decor pkg and have the knitted vinyl seats. And no air! Lol. Oh wait, I have 4/60 air! Or I guess it would technically be 5/60 since I can put down the top. Thanks for the info boys. I’ll take another look
  2. Also those seats aren’t knitted vinyl,required in verts, so this isn’t an original seat.
  3. I’m confused. I thought factory a/c was unavailable in 71 convertibles. Am I incorrect.
  4. Hi from Prince George BC and welcome. I’m a new member also. 71 convertible. Stock. 302 v8. Almost everything is original. 102k. Waiting for our 4ft. Snowfall to go away, which could be May ! She hasn’t been on the road for about 12 yrs but warm and comfy in our garage. I have a question for the general membership... where do you get the “codes” I see being used to describe your cars? From the vin? Hope someone can enlighten me. And broaden my knowledge! Lol.
  5. Hi from PG BC. Lived in Calgary a couple times over the last 35 years. Sunny Alberta! I have the 71 convertible also. Tried to put photos on this site ( I’m a new member myself) but I’m also technologically challenged and can’t figure out how to size the photos on this new iPad. I’ll get some up eventually. Marg
  6. I should have said the 71s came with the name across the back.
  7. Wow! After reading all the comments from members regarding all the rebuilds and modifications etc I feel positively dull and boring with my original old girl!, 71 convertible 302 . Not happy with the mileage, about 125k miles. Had to use it as a daily driver about 20 years ago and it didn’t help that my son used it more than I so he actually put on lots of miles. Hasn’t been driven for about 12 years but stored in a warm dry garage. Couple months ago got hoses,seals,rad and gas tank changed. Need to get the seam on the back seat repaired because I stupidly knelt on it while putting on the tonneau cover. What an idiot!, lol. When our snow is finally gone (probably May!) I’ll be cruising our city of Prince George B.C. Canada, and I swear this year she’s going in the local Fathers Day Show n Shine. She’s dark brown with a gold fleck and dark brown top with original light brown interior. I might get new carpet but the original is still good. Fat tires on the back, which I like.
  8. Thanks Ron. Greetings from the west coast to the east coast!
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