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    1971 Convertible Restomod. Was an M code but now a 429 with a few upgrades. White leather interior. Automatic. No A/C.


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    Albuquerque, NM
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  1. Where are you in NM? I'm East of Albuquerque and would love to see your car. Good Luck. Ed 250-5798
  2. Hey Cameron, I have tried to call you based on your text number but it says your mailbox is full. I'm in Sedillo, so we are nearly neighbors. I don't text so I will keep trying to connect via phone. Ed 250-5798
  3. Hey Cameron, I'm in the East Mountains and also have a 71 convertible. Do you need any parts? I have some left overs like everyone else. I learned alot of wisdom from this site. Good folks !! Ed Raver 250-5798 Call if you want to or e-mail if you prefer. Ed
  4. From what I can see, your new project is better than what mine was when I got it. Time, patience, and more patience. Picture attached. Save everything. Welcome from New Mexico. Ed what are the different types of car titles
  5. I spoke to a manager at our local Ford dealer who has been doing this his whole life of 70+ years. He saw these when they were new. I mentioned my frustration about exactly your problem with the trunk lid. He told me bluntly that they were all that way. The picture of your car could easily be a picture of mine, right down to the color almost. I had to get in the trunk and have my Wife close the lid and press down the corner to even get it that good. You have a beautiful car !! Ed
  6. What year did you say it was? My 69 Boss302 has dual headlights on each side. What am I missing? Ed
  7. What is the casting number on the back? I may have what you need. Ed Raver
  8. I have a non a/c heater box from a 71 mach-1 in very nice condition for $50.00 plus shipping. I'm near Albuquerque, NM. Thanks, Ed Raver 50-5-250-5798 Box and heater core only. There are no control cables. If you want a picture just let me know.
  9. I have the black handle that you need. I would call it a very nice driver quality. Is $20.00 plus the ride fair? Contact me at jaraver@aol.com. Thanks, Ed
  10. I may have one. I will look tomorrow. They are also available aftermarket. I got them that way for my 71 vert. Ed Raver
  11. When are you making the trip? I'm 15 miles East of Albuquerque and could possibly help at least for one night. I have the safe location but timing can be messy with my schedule. Guest house also on site. Ed Raver
  12. There is a 351-M cleveland complete engine for sale on Albuquerque Craigslist for $150.00. Just FYI if someone is looking for a block and rotating assembly. The heads will be nothing special. NOT MINE! Ed
  13. A bunch of years ago I restored a 71 convertible in similar condition. I think the worst part was the trunk floor. Just a real PITA. It made it easier when I also replaced the rear panel. I took it down to a bare shell. Turned out easier that way. Good luck and have fun. Take loads of pictures and brace it well. My picture attached. Ed Raver
  14. That lower hose is under suction and the spring is to keep it from collapsing. Put a small block in a Fiat once and made that mistake. Ed
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