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    Australian Ford Falcon 302 Windsor Fuel Injected L.S.D 2001 model. I am in the market for a 1971/73 Mach 1 Mustang and have joined to learn as much as possible. We pay about $45,000 USD for LHD models registered here in Australia but there are only a few for sale. I am interested in possible imports but need to learn more.



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  1. Hello to all you lucky Mustang owners. I have joined today as I am in the market for a 71-73 Mach 1 and I want to learn as much as possible before I take the leap. I love the 71-73 shape and it is the only Mustang I am interested in owning. Ideally, a 429 but more than likely, a 351 is more realistic. There is little available in Australia and whats worth looking at are asking $45000 USD so I am very seriously considering importing although than can open a can of worms. I would be very interested to hear peoples experiences buying cars through 'Muscle Car Specialist' dealers etc that advertise on Hemmings etc. Please keep in mind I am in Australia and whilst I have a fair idea which states are dry & which get snow, I am no expert! I look forward to chatting with anybody who cares to help. My current cars are Australian Ford Falcons which are sports models called XR8. They have Injected 302 Windsor's putting out 220kw standard. Extractors & free flow exhausts along with a decent tune quickly improves that figure, but they are certainly no Mustang, thats for sure.
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