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    72 mustang coupe -exterior decor group
    5.0 EFI conversion
    explorer upper and lower intake
    GT40 heads
    Trickflow stage one cam
    T-5 5 speed conversion
    9in rear
    coming soon rear disk brakes

    99 Ford Ranger XLT
    mostly stock but always down for whatever.


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    High Desert, So Cal
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  1. At the ford dealer I work at my car is known as the F lying Dutchman for some odd, if I had to guess why its because it seems everyone else likes 65s and 66 mustangs. actually now that I think about it, ive caught flak about my car from all the ford dealers ive worked at lol whatever hasn't stop me from driving it yet......
  2. My First Musclecar is the 72 mustang coupe I have now. while its not much , exterior décor car with a 302 2v and fmx at the time. it was my first real v8 car nonetheless. Since then, cars have come and gone from my fleet but my 72 coupe I will never sell just continue to make better and better. way too many good times in that car.
  3. HEy there,I got my 72 coupe when I was 19 yrs old too....
  4. I notice ur car is rocking 16" P71 crown vic wheels, it looks awesome and im considering painting my car white now. I have those wheels on my car too but they are flat black.
  5. those look awesome, I have P 71 crown vic steelies on my coupe and I love the look. very subdued and im into that.
  6. im running the RGM injection tech harness and it was just 3 wires and it fired right up. and if I run one decently sized single turbo the piping shouldn't be too bad. id really like to see how your car will come out.
  7. I drilled mine towards the bottom of the firewall kinda by where the charcoal canister is or would be. it made short work of hiding the PCM and the EFI relays and whatnot.
  8. I went the EFI route on my 72 coupe and couldn't be happier. its got a explorer 5.0 in it fired by an A9p with upgraded injectors , maf and throttle body. eventually I want to do turbo Windsor with full stand alone engine management I don't want to boast but im pleased with my setup, I thought it came out rather awesome.
  9. sounds like an awesome and I would like more info as im interested in putting a built 5.8 liter motor in my 72 coupe. currently im running a 5.0 with mostly stock eec iv with a tfi dizzy
  10. Frijid pink- I think their version of house of the rising is superior Social Distortion- working class punk rock since my high school days Pink Floyd - thinking mans music The Black Angels - modern psychedelic sound pretty much anything really, for a 26 yr old I have very broad and diverse musical taste
  11. so that's what my car would look like if the paint was good and I had a black vinyl top instead of a white top. that is a clean exterior décor car
  12. grasshopper , ur car is awesome and clean. ur car gives me a lot of inspiration on what my next moves are with my 5.0 EFI'd coupe
  13. My 72 coupe is in the process of getting bodywork done and im already going through anxiety and withdrawal but she will be back so I can work on her some more. but I remember when I was still building it and going thru the motions to get the EFI'd 5.0 to fire and to get her down the road , there were some moments of futility but just like anything in life you have to brave the storm no matter what. I wanna get into a magazine like car craft or modified mustangs myself. my brother has been in 3 import mags with his skyline, I know if if im patient I will get there.
  14. I just got that one too , im on the hunt for any other variations of the 71 boss 351 too.
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