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  1. I've done the Marty report, and I dont think its completely correct because it said the car had white interior and white roof top, but we have black interior and roof and it look like it hasnt been replace what so ever
  2. yeah I am are missing the door tag as well As RackerM said RE: Vin location on the block. I should have asked you if you have a Cleveland,a 302 or a 6. When I had my fenders off years ago my VIN is stamped on top of the shock tower. its a 351 cleveland
  3. yeah I am are missing the door tag as well
  4. hey there, im restoring a 1972 mustang convertible, and the fender aprons were replaced by the previous owner so there is no VIN number there, is there any other place i can find the VIN number besides the dashboard?
  5. hi there, any one know where i can find a hood latch support in the Mississauga, Canada area.
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