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  1. With a welder and an angle grinder, anything will fit
  2. Has anyone adapted a '70 shaker to a 71-73 and did it look good? Just curious
  3. https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/cto/d/fort-bragg-72-mustang-fastback-project/6835233987.html
  4. I will look into that. I know the hydraulic kits are between $500 and $700 depending on the brand. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ram-78136/overview/
  5. I'm in southern Ohio, if you're serious, PM me.
  6. I like the car, except I wanted to replace the cancerous metal, throw some paint on it and drive. I love these body styles, but it's hard to justify building a car, that I will take a 10 thousand dollar loss on.
  7. Thank you all, that's what I was figuring, but I wanted to hear it come out of someone else's mouth.
  8. I have a 73 Mach 1 that I picked up for 1000 bucks with a title and have begun work on it, though the cost of it is scaring me. The guy who's helping guide the process is telling me that the car will be worth 25k when it's finished and says it's gonna take around 18k to get it there. There has already been a new doghouse welded in along with new floors and some other minor rust stuff. The car is not numbers matching, though the motor is the correct one (302w). It's a 3 speed stick and has the pale yellow color, factory ps pb and ac. It has the deluxe tan interior, though it's going to need some love. Do you all think it's really possible for the car to pull 25k when it's finished? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  9. I bought a hydro throwout from Summit for like 150, just needs a master cylinder and a little bit of fab on the clutch pedal and you're ready to rock. Just needs the input shaft collar shaved down 0.025".
  10. If the grey one fires up if you put a battery in it and it drives, that seems like a little steep, since it has been sitting. It'll need all new fluids and the gas tank flushed. If anything leaks it'll be under the car which makes it easy to find. The Orange one seems about right. For both I'd ask for vins to make sure that they are real Mach 1's and also get a good look under the car to to check for rust. A test drive can really reveal a lot about a car.
  11. "I don't need a fancy kitchen, I have a fancy garage" May want to get a fancier wife while you're at it
  12. I was gonna say the same thing. Though he did put some heads on it.
  13. I hate getting burned, please explain to me who thought this was a good idea and why
  14. How would you like a highly coveted 3 speed out of a 68? comes with a hydro throwout
  15. Unscrew the door lock indicator. I usually pop the clips down low then work my way up.
  16. Wait nevermind, I wouldn't personally do a clone though, just embrace the car for what it is, unless you put a four speed in it, then appreciate it for what it is with a four speed
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