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  1. I do think current horsepower is probably 225 max. Have not decided on the intake, carburator or camshaft yet. Looking to see what thoughts are out there for a good combination. Just looking to build a nice street cruiser with some get up go when needed
  2. Have just recently pick up a 1972 302 long block with 1968 close chambered heads with bored 60 over pistons. Other than that it is a stock build. Thinking about using the current heads because the build is only a month old. Not sure of current compression? I think it may be 9:8:1 based on the current state. Possibly a little over 300 horse with comparable torque. Would like to add a new intake manifold, four barrel carburetor, headers and a nice performance camshaft and torque converter if needed. that would also go well when I think about changing the heads down the road. With the amount of performance parts available I thought I would look to get some information from the people who have had similar builds done. What are your thoughts or experiences? I also have a c-4 and a AOD transmission. Also looking to update the suspension currently has and possibly put some disc brakes on the front end. Any other suggestion will be appreciated.
  3. I to originally thought the same thing. What suggestions do you have for a rebuild?
  4. I have a bone stock 1973 Mustang Convertible with a 302 engine and C4 automatic transmission. Took it out the garage last fall to have the body work done. Car started right up after priming the carburetor after sitting for 15 years or so. Sounds good. The car is currently in primer and I am concentrating on the mechanics. Would like to have get the horsepower in the 375 to 400 range along with comparable torque. I understand the is a big jump form the anemic 140 horsepower it came with. Looking for best bang for the buck rebuild 302 or buy a long block and start from there. If anyone has any experience or input that will be appreciated. Originally I was just going to do a top end rebuild with new heads, intake manifold, 4 barrel carburetor,headers, and dual exhaust and a possible camshaft. Does anyone know how much horsepower and torque a stock three speed c4 and the original rear end can handle. Will most likely upgrade the suspension and possibly the brakes. Any other suggestion will also be appreciated. Thank you
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