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  1. Update 2: Got it out. I ended up taking off the front wheel and taking the 3 bolts out of the steering box. I supported the box with a jack and moved it forward about 1/2 an inch. The rag joint came right out. It is worth noting that the shaft has a smaller diameter portion (in the attached photo) that was the real culprit. So, it turns out (at least for me) it was both the steering column shaft and the steering box.
  2. Update: I got the rag joint loose, and the inner steering shaft slid backward, however it did not slide far enough. I messed with it for almost an hour and when I rotated the rag joint around and looked through where the pinch bolt is I can see the shaft coming out of the steering box is still in the way. While I may have screwed up my steering wheel alignment I do not see any other alternative. It is close. I am hoping to simply unbolt it and gain the space I need.
  3. Understood. I am simply thinking about years from now, if this happens again, I want to keep the next guy/gal from experiencing what I did when mine began to fail. It is not fun to drive with it rocking on the pins.
  4. Yes, I caught in a previous post the info on the pins. I have been giving thought about doing the sleeve trick to make the pin bigger (wider) to eliminate signifigant play. My old stock one is flexing back and forth on the pins pretty badly now. I cannot imagine it with smaller pins. :jawdrop: Making sure the column is locked is a great tip. Thanks. ::thumb::
  5. I am in the process of re-doing the pump and the lines so everything is apart right now. I got a relatively clear shot from the top but could get to it from underneath. I too am looking forward to some responses from others as I do not like the idea of taking the steering column out.
  6. Yep. I got the Lares 201 from Rock Auto. Saw that in a previous post. ::thumb::
  7. Hi all. My 71 (built-in 8/70) is ready for a new rag joint. I have already ordered the Lares 201 from Rock Auto and it is on the way. I have been looking through the forums for a consensus on the best method to remove or replace a rag joint. A buddy of mine said the steering shaft is collapsible and I could possibly unbolt the existing rag joint and slide the inner shaft backward. Another guy I know said jack up the car and unbolt the steering box and try to slide it out of the way. In another forum post, there is a lengthy description of removing the steering column. Any suggestions are appreciated before I tackle this job.
  8. Hello all. This might be a newbie question but I just wanted to confirm something. I just installed a Petronix electronic ignition in my 71 Mustang with a stock 302. While it starts and runs much better I thought it to be prudent to check the timing. I have not set the timing on this car before. I had a bit of frustration finding the timing pointer. I believe I found it on the passenger side? I am used to seeing them on the driver side. If what I am seeing is the timing mark, boy is it tough to see. I have to go out of town for the weekend but when I return I am hoping to set the timing. I still need to climb underneath to find the marks on the balancer. So, if someone out there can confirm that the timing mark is on the passenger side I would be grateful. Thanks. By the way, here is a quick snapshot.
  9. New guy here. It was this post that lead me to this website. Just joined this week. Thanks for this info. I am looking for the window stops next.
  10. Hi all. Just a quick hello to get things started. I am in Southeast Indiana right across from Louisville. I have a 71 Sportsroof I am in the process of evaluating. Bought it in October of 2017 and have been slowly repairing odds and ends. I just put LED bulbs in the instrument cluster tonight! Anyway, a buddy and I are trying to get cars ready to go to Woodward in August. I am sure I will be needing advice on suspension and brake work. Look forward to browsing the forums for info. That's all for now. See you around. Jon. picture hosting sites free
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