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  1. I have seen those, but I have also seen the reviews and some pictures of fitment issues.
  2. Thanks everybody for all the replies. I had a '68 coupe and 5 different fox bodies when I was younger, but I'll always love my '77 F150 with the 351M I bought when I was in 7th grade and wanted my son to have that love and pride of ownership that comes with restoring and maintaining a classic car. Plus I told him it was a good investment long term.
  3. I am finding that out with searching for a decent set of A pillar mouldings
  4. Just wanted to say hello. My 20 year old son just bought his first Mustang. It is a '71 sport roof with a 351C 4V backed up with a T5(we also got the 4 speed). It isn't perfect by any means but it is a good car for him to learn how to really work on his own car. His previous car was a VW Passat and a nightmare to work on. upload high quality photos
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