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  1. I am looking to replace outer wheel houses and quarter panels both sides on my 1971 Mach 1. I have gotten some fenders that do not fit worth a darn. They were made by CHL auto parts - part # 469-50R and 469-50R. They are so far off that the chrome trim for the wheel wells do not fit them! Is anyone actually finding any parts that are somewhat half decent. I have even bought a door-- Dynacorn that I ended up cutting up to repair the door on the car. It just would not fit. Any ideas, help, direction would be appreciated. Most recent picture below, showing in body shop!
  2. 1971 H code Mach 1 Mustang Early 1971 production August 25/1970
  3. Got a little snow on it 2 weeks ago, had to take it out of the garage to install a little heat. Its nice and warm now
  4. Planning on a 3G alternator conversion on my 71. With aftermarket air I find that I require an electric fan to improve the AC performance & just not enough power with the 40 amp that I currently have. Pros?? Cons?
  5. Hey everyone! Introducing myself and my Mach 1 1971 Mach 1, produced in Aug of 1970. 87,000 original miles. First viewed as a teenager in 1980, and after a 20 year chase I was fortunate enough to add to my garage. This is and will never be trailer queen as I drive when I can. Running gear 351C 2V with 4 barrel upgrade, cam upgrade, FMX transmission cruising gears. Power applied to ground though Goodyear Eagle 245/45ZR17's mounted on Ion Alloy rims chosen as they have a similar look to the Magnum 500's, interior cooled by a Classic Auto Air System.
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