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    I have a 1973 Mach 1 with a 351 Cobra Windstar on sore engine I think it is 351 though my dad passed away in September and I inherited it and he loved this car I am restoring it for him it is quite a job

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  1. So I've still been working on that Ameron paint coming off of the car so far I was doing it for myself on the south like after work every night for like a week and then I decided to have my buddy come and do it while I'm at work and just give him like $100 because this s*** is so thick I don't have the patience I would damage the car I use a heat gun on the sides and it works well because it is so thick and just like peels off but it takes forever and so he's like just here fixing it the trunk and getting rid of the rest so evidently my dad cut something by like where the back tires are at so that the tires dont the car doesn't hit the tires and the tires on this thing are really big I think my dad like customed s this car
  2. omg i barely look at all these responses and I'm so happy right now you guys like made my night I didn't think anyone was going to respond so I am going to post more pictures now
  3. Hey I'm new here but I'm up on myself so I really want to share it with you pictures of this project that I'm doing on my dad's car was my car now but I got plans for it check out the pictures trying to take off the Ameron paint is of huge pain in the butt this thing has not been running for like 15 years and I got a good mechanic over here he got it running I somehow got it in my garage and now I'm trying to take off this paint which is not like paint it is like way thicker than paint
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