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  1. Been a while since I've posted, but the second round of building this car has come and gone. Now I need to get rid of some parts I've hoarded and hope they can be useful to someone. New owner to pay shipping from Utah. These have been painted and will need refinishing. 16 year old me tried using rattle can chrome on the trim. 3 gauge driver panel missing 2 tabs, and a small non-visible crack on passenger panel (see pics). No scratches that would be visible after painting, and no cracks visible after installed.
  2. Welcome back, and glad everyone is okay!
  3. Fingers crossed it's the pump. Based on my limited knowledge, it certainly sounds like it's the problem.
  4. Don't buy anything used without having touched it for yourself.
  5. Looks like fun was had. Lol, my car would grind on the rear wheel wells with that many people in it.
  6. I have only been running my headers with my steering box for a couple months now, and my long tubes had to be dented to fit around the box. My PS box wasn't in very good shape in the first place, but it certainly heats things up. The grease on my box likes to start smoking after a trip. Fixing that leak today.
  7. I finally have my car back with a newly painted old fender. Now its back to diagnosing some of the problems. My car has always had some clunking and vibrating issues in the power train. Whenever I go from drive to reverse or vice versa it thumps pretty hard. I pulled my slip yoke and it has a bit of play in it. Could this be my problem? I've already installed new u-joints but still have this issue. I also have vibrations when I get going above 60 and either accelerate or decelerate. I figured this was an issue with my ball joints, but have been told otherwise. Any thoughts? -Zac
  8. I don't feel left out with mine not being a Mach, but I'm not going to lie, I've never been a fan of the name Grande. I tell people mine is a Coupe.
  9. +1 to that whole post. I love the way the new challengers look. Maybe it is a younger thing.
  10. Making progress. Hopefully this third one is the ticket.
  11. Good looking coupe, but I hate the center gauge setup. Not my taste.
  12. I've only ever heard horror stories about using header wrap. I use them on my bike, but stray away from it on the car. I just used heat shields where necessary. As far as max temp, I figure they're too hot when my starter gets heat soaked. :P
  13. Jeez, this is what Christmas eve felt like when I was younger. The day is gonna drag on until that thing is done.
  14. It sounds like you want to install whatever you end up purchasing immediately. I can understand that, but it can be difficult in as deep of a project as our cars often are. I wouldn't worry about buying paint until you are ready to paint, and I wouldn't buy an engine rebuild kit until you know whether or not it needs it. Especially if it really was rebuilt 30k ago. No sense in spending money rebuilding a brand new engine. Personally out of the options you listed I'd hit the rear suspension first. But if it were me, I'd get to work on the body and paint prep and set the $500 aside until I'm ready to paint. I'd be checking the engine over during the process. Then if it turns out you do need a rebuild you still have to money to put towards that instead. My opinion. Take it with a good amount of salt.
  15. Congrats! It's second only to having a full bonified shop, especially in the Summer and Winter months.
  16. And that's why race trucks are cool. As long as power/weight=fast it's gonna be fun.
  17. A man could ride on that crankshaft... I've always thought it was cool how they machine huge parts like that. I would like to see how they make those propellers.
  18. There is .22 LR around here, but its few and far between. Plus its stupidly expensive now. My buddies and I went shooting this weekend and we did more 12 Gauge than .22 in an effort to reduce cost! The real hard stuff to find is 44 Mag, and 38 Super.
  19. That theater would also become my bedroom, dining room and living room.
  20. Probably for the best. I can already hear the chebbie guys. "On a Ford its worth the time and money to customize the emergency flashers, seeing as to how often they'll be on."
  21. I'm gonna be heading down south, and on the way there are a couple of towns I'll be passing where I'm always seeing old studes. I'll stop by and look around.
  22. I'm 18 and would love to live somewhere like that. Maybe I'll head to southern Utah.
  23. Lol, not a dirty word in there... Funny stuff.
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