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    1971 Convertible M Code Factory Ram Air, Grabber Green Metallic, Power Windows, Air Con, Power Steering, Power Disc Brake, Tilt wheel, Magnum 500's.





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  1. Awesome paint job. In a sea of black, white, grey and silver modern cars, we have to keep these original colors alive!!
  2. Finally picked her up yesterday from the workshop! Some minor teething to do, but loving it. Weather not great down under, so will try to get some more picks up soon when sun is out, but here's one to get started.....
  3. Merry Christmas All, I hope everyone had a great festive season. Things are hot down-under;- you may have seen what seems like half of our country suffering bush-fires. The people fighting these fires are absolute heroes. Thankfully no fires are close to my home. There has been some progress on the Mustang resto. Just about done - just need to get the interior put back together, some chrome trims, then get it inspected at the local authority to have it road-registered, and we can finally hit the road. At this stage I'm not going to go with the hockey sticks, and I may even
  4. Awesome car - I'm basically thinking of doing exactly what you have minus the Mach 1 sticker. Love the ram air stickers the black bonnet. Out of interest, any idea of what your car would be worth over there in the current market? Just trying to figure out how much $$'s do I keep putting into mine.
  5. G'day all - Thanks all for your comments and feedback, particularly on the stripes & bonnet. Appreciate the experience and wisdom of all on this forum. It's got factory ram air and I particularly like the black bonnet with the "Ram Air" decal on it, so think I will go with that, and leave the hockey stick off for now. Whilst I would like to take the credit for the paint job, I can't - a mate runs a paint & panel shop, so he's weaved his magic for mates-rates.
  6. Thanks mate, your car looks great.... I'm really struggling to decide if I go with a black bonnet and hockey side stripe or not. Didn't from the factory, but reckon they look great.
  7. UPDATE: Painting complete.....I’m loving the colour!! Now, the fun part begins.....putting it back together.
  8. Hi all, I’ve been missing in action for almost a year since first joining & posting first photos of my car, but things are now moving! What was originally going to be a relatively gentle clean up & partial respray has become a full respray. Here’s a few snaps of the progress...... should have some final photos this week. Then its off to get new roof installed & re-assembling.
  9. Hi Vinnie, Small world! I'm in Prospect - the very next suburb to Blair Athol. My car was located in Placerville, and shipped out from San Francisco. There are heaps of '66 Mustangs here, so my '71 is something different to the rest of the herd. I've never been to Amsterdam but it is on the list.
  10. Hi All, My first post....(hope I've done this right) I recently collected my 71 Convertible M Code from the docks in Australia, having imported it from North California. Having owned some interesting cars over the years, this is my first Mustang. My daily drive is an SSV Redline Commodore with a stock 304kw LS3 Engine, but the new purchase is for cruising with the family. From what I can see, and the supporting Marti Report, this convertible is a reasonably rare beast, with the full M Code running gear; 351 4V, C6 and 9 inch, along with full factory Ram Air set-up. Its got a
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