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  1. i have the original carb from my 73 mach 1 with a 351w 2v. if its what you need let me know. $40 + shipping.
  2. pics coming soon, i can text them also I have available for trade or sale, all items plus actual shipping; All of the following are from my 73 Mach 1 Rear quarter extensions, excellent and 95% stripped to bare metal with the rubber pieces also $50 Rear bumper to body filler panel $25 Rear bumper minus guards, so so shape $25 Rear bumper guards, very nice $40pr Rear bumper mounting brackets, excellent shape $30 Tail light panel and stainless trim, very good to excellent shape $40 Original radiator 351w 2v carb $30 351w exhaust manifolds $25 Rear side marker ligh
  3. is this the lamp in the grill you need? if so i have one or a pair.
  4. well, last needs are the headlight bezels...
  5. Tony, thanks for the offer but if you re-read my post, i have my radiator available for sale or trade, its not something i am looking for.
  6. can i get pics of the sport mirror? I have posted a picture of the sport mirror which is on the 1st page of this string. It is copper in color, I can beadblast it clean if you would like. ooops. is it in good functional condition and no cracks? thanks
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. Passenger Mirror $65, Grille Moldings - $125, Quarter window set-up (runs, brackets, etc minus glass) - $175. I may have a pair of headlight bezels on another car, let me check tomorrow for you. can i get pics of the sport mirror? price?
  8. i bought the headlight retaining rings yesterday, price on the window mechanisms and door mirror? i could also use the stainless trim around the large mouth of the grill. your grill appears to be missing the headlight bezels as mine is.
  9. looks like its from a mid 80s fox mustang (really any fox chassis)
  10. I should have the window mechanisms, passenger door sport mirror and the headlamp rings. On the bezels, do you have a 71/72 or a 73? Will hit the garage this week and get you some pictures. I have a 73 with. i bought a 73 mach 1 repop grill and am not quite sure that there are bezels that go on it as i am out of town until next week but from what i have seen there are. I have the buckets for the headlight bulbs but no retaining rings or screws.
  11. Here are some things i am looking for; 71-73 coupe/vert qtr window mechanisms, no glass Passenger door sport mirror Headlight bezels and the rings and screws that hold the headlight bulbs in large stainless trim around the mouth of the grill Center Console for automatic 1 deluxe door panel stainless trim piece I have available for trade or sale; 73 mach 1 rear quarter extensions, excellent and 95% stripped to bare metal with the rubber pieces also 73 mach 1 rear bumper to body filler panel 73 mach 1 rear bumper minus guards, so so shape 73 mach 1 rear bumper mounting b
  12. any idea what the difference is between 71/2 and 73? i am familiar with the 67-70 cars but picked this 73 up earlier this year.
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